1. On some maps this island is called Wawatosa

  2. June 18th was slow in the morning but by the middle of the afternoon it didn't matter what you used for bait the Bass were hitting on everything. The biggest ...more one was only about
    4 LBS, but I caught at least a dozen Bass between 1 & 4 LBS. Spring fishing didn't happen this year but summer fishing looks like it will be pretty good.

  3. 18 Days after the official Ice Out on Lake Minnetonka the water is over 70 degrees and the fish are really confused. The Twin Cities didn't get a spring fishing ...more season this year.

  4. Was finally able to get a line wet in Minnesota. I had to search but I did find some open water
    This link will show you last years success!


    1. Michael Balog 0
      I drove out with my pickup in northern Wisconsin last night on 32" of ice
  5. More than a month ago I said "About 4 weeks until official ICE OUT on Lake Minnetonka". As you can see I was very WRONG! This is what it looks like TODAY ...more April 3rd 2018. Maybe another 4 weeks until ICE OUT. In 2017 I had my boat in the water and was catching fish on March 28th. I guess that's what they mean by "Climate Change".

  6. Ice fishing is all but over in the lower half of Minnesota. Bought my 2018 license. It was 13% more than my 2017 license. That means I need to catch more fish! My ...more guess is the Ice Out on Minnetonka will be within 3 weeks.



  7. On 2-15-18 there was about 20" of ice on Minnetonka and pan fish everywhere. Never caught any, but they were fun to watch. Follow these links and see!



    1. Noah Shapiro 0
  8. On the day after Thanksgiving it hit a record high of 60 degrees, and as long as the sun was out it was pleasant. When the showers blew in and the the wind picked ...more up it separated the men from the hard core. I am one of the later, that thought the fish would bite when the low pressure moved in. Luckily the wind let up a little so Cooks bay was not just one big white cap. I saw a couple of eagles on Boy Scout Island, and a raccoon that couldn't find a garbage can to get a meal out of. Phelps bay had a sheet of thin ice over it but you could go under the red bridge and about 100 feet into the bay before you hit ice, and there was a stream of 5-10 inch ice cubes 50 feet wide and a few hundred feet long flowing out of Cooks bay past Hard Scrabble point that freaked me out when my boat passed threw it. I never caught anything, but I plan to go back out on Monday Nov. 27th if it gets warm and the wind isn't blowing to hard. My humming bird showed the fish 15-30 feet deep in 30-40 feet of water since the lake turned over and the surface water at about 35 degrees.


  9. Cold weather has set in around the Twin Cities, Open water fishing is just about done. It's time to think about ice fishing and preparing for the next season. ...more I can't take credit for this ad, but it is good humor for those looking for a fishing partner for the next season.

  10. On October 23rd fishing was slow, the morning was beautiful, but by noon the wind picked up to about 30mph and the lake was so choppy you had to fish the small bays, ...more northwest shores or be in an ocean liner to avoid getting blown off the lake. Trolling I picked up a Pike on a Mini Showgirl, and that made the whole trip worth while!


Living on Black Lake allows me easy access to lake Minnetonka

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Large Mouth Bass
  • Waterway Minnetonka
  • Lure Live Bait