1. Details: 4 lb. Chinook Salmon with a melon

  2. Details: 8 lb. steel head with a woder bread

  3. Details: 8 lb. Browns with a spoons

    3 quads on spoons, tiger, rainbow, green 9 fish boated

  4. Details: 15 oz. brown X 8 with a pin/blue/silver

  5. Details: Rainbow Trout with a firetiger

  6. Killing the browns, 2 triples best color was pink blue spoon couldn't even get it down without getting hit.

  7. Anyone been out on Milwaukee harbor? Is picking up yet?

  8. Was out at oak creek power plant from 5-8, went 0-1. Marked hardly anything

  9. Slowest morning of the year for us. Went 1 for three, and it was a small one.


fished from mexico to canada, now great lakes.

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