1. fishing with my grandson drew omelian using light tackle w/10# test braid.

    Red Drum with a mirorlure topwater

    1. walter clampffer 0
      no, just moved into a new residence in Crystal River and been busy with that. My grandson went out last nite 12:00pm landed a huge snook on a rattle trap. I am now ...more looking for some one go fishing with, share expense etc.
    2. Ed Ballinger 0
      Been staying in until all this cold front stuff moves through....you been lately ?
    3. walter clampffer 0
      Have you used the whopper popper yet! not cheap but nothing Dalberg does is.
    4. Ed Ballinger 0
      Man mirror lures been around a long time. Use to fish Flamingo years and they always did the trick !
    5. walter clampffer 0
      Thanks man, hope you can do the same.
    6. Wade Bowles 0
      The only thing better than a great catch, spending time fishing with the family! Nice work on both.
    7. walter clampffer 0
      another wonderful day, we are so blessed.
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just one old guy that had a great ride, no regrets.

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