1. I would like to thank you guys for sharing your beautiful lake with us tournament guys over the last several days. I'd also like to apologize for any negative ...more interactions you may have had with any of the other competitors out there. I know a few can ruin it for the whole groups.
    But again, I would like to extend my appreciation to your community for hosting and hospitality. I hope to get back up there for a "fun trip" and really enjoy your wonderful fishery

    1. joe devera 0
      8 crappie 8 sunfish
    2. David Sharp 0
      That tourney was all panfish right?
    3. joe devera 0
      8.79 won it. We missed on our gills and weighed 6.06 pounds. Came in 30th out of 52 teams
    4. David Sharp 0
      Well said. Do any good up there? What was the weigh ins like?
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