1. 1 lb. 12 in. Black Crappie with a Bagley Balsa Minnows

    1. Scott S 0
      Those are some nice ones
  2. 27 lb. 8 oz. 4634 in. Black Bullhead Catfish

  3. 3 lb. 11 oz. 23 in. Walleye

    1. Scott S 0
      Nice Walleye for Indiana
  4. 1 lb. 14 in. Black Crappie

    1. Ronald Howell 0
      If you have a fish/depth finder check for Crappie at 20-22 feet. Walleye will hang with them too. Structure on the bottom at that depth will hold them also.
    2. jenny barrett 0
      I'm heading out to Brookville Reservoir now to crappie fish.Using minnows & bobber around 10 feet deep. Quakertown area.If you have ANY Advice you don't ...more mind to share.Please message me! Thank You! NICE FISH! 👍
    3. Kurt Shinn 0
      Hell yeah !!!!! Very nice
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  5. Walleye

    1. Brad Devore 0
      Let oks like you will be eating well tonight top it off with a ice blue moon and what a meal
  6. 30 nice Crappie & 2 small Walleye

    Black Crappie

    1. Ronald Howell 0
      The Walleyes and the Crappie were at 22 ft. We fished just off the bottom jigging with live bait and live bass minnows on slip bobbers just off the bottom.
    2. John Heim 0
      I've had a hard time finding the walleyes this year how deep were they?
    3. Daniel Baker 0
      Great to see a nice bunch of fish come out of Brookville. Hope to get out there soon.
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