1. 30 lb. 2 oz. 49 in. Flathead Catfish with a chub

  2. 4 lb. Largemouth Bass with a shallow A bomber

    1. Andy Patton 0
      I like that Lake/River. I fished there last year. I caught fish but nothing like that one.Congrats
  3. Fish are very shy

    Small Mouth with a live

    1. michael santos 0
      Yea sorry about the date I was at work when I posted this just down loaded the app again I usually do walnut port to the cement bridge
    2. Rick Hunt 0
      Michael, with those cloths and tree foliage. I'm sure that was not 7 days ago. :). Nice fish. I just moved up here last Sept. Would love some tips for on the ...more river. I also Kayak fish.
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  4. Chinook Salmon with a fly

  5. small mouth with a live target


Fish till your hands fall off

Fishing Favorites

  • Species salmon
  • Waterway Nockamixon lake
  • Lure live target