1. 7 lb. 8 oz. Walleye with a bx minnow

    1. Christopher Clark 0
      Nice catch!!!
    2. Matt Kincaid 0
      Thanks man!
    3. Dante Morsillo 0
      You can actually find them in the river system too, which is why they are so effective for flatheads. It's just easier to target and catch them in small feeder ...more streams.
    4. Dante Morsillo 0
      Creek chubs are a bait fish that are pretty common in our small streams around here. They usually grow between 1 and 7 inches, sometimes bigger. Not sure if you ...more can find them in Pine Creek, which is out by you, but you can probably search the web. My recommendation would be to talk to a local bait shop. Live suckers work well too. Those can be bought at most bait shops around here too, but I'd rather get my bait for free. I'd tell you were I normally go, but the population is down and I don't want to blow up my secret spot for chubs... no offense.
    5. Matt Kincaid 0
      Live creek chubs?
    6. Dante Morsillo 0
      Yeah I have some buddies who are real big into cat fishing, especially in the summer months. Just not my thing really, but I would imagine that the transition from ...more surf fishing to cat fishing would be pretty smooth as far as gear is concerned. I know that the pittsburgh pool has produced some huge flatheads on the Allegheny. Find a place to catch some live creek chubs and have at it. It's not uncommon to catch one over 20 lbs. Check out the boat launch in Sharpsburg PA. There is pretty good shore access there when the water is at a normal stage.
    7. Matt Kincaid 0
      Only north park but looking at getting going in the rivers. I only have access at this point to shore. Starting to dig out my gear in the next few days. I hear there ...more are some kitties that are fun to fish for in the river.
    8. Dante Morsillo 0
      There are a lot of great places to fish around this area man. Not sure what your capabilities are as far as wading or even boat access, but the rivers are exceptional ...more in the spring and fall. Let me know if you want some ideas on places to go. The north hills is actually a pretty great place to be since it gives you good access both north and south. What places have you fished since moving here?
    9. Matt Kincaid 0
      Yep up in north hills
    10. Dante Morsillo 0
      You live around here now I take it?
    11. Matt Kincaid 0
      Nice catch! We moved from California so all I have done really is ocean fishing. I have to learn some new techniques!
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