1. Lake Trout

    1. Greg Young 0
      I'm taking my son fishing in the morning, on Higgins Lake. It will have to be from shore. We're not from this area. Could you tell me a place to take him ...more fishing on Higgins Lake shoreline ?
  2. 20.0 in. Walleye with a gold Hailey jig

    1. Eric Bode 0
      9 inches most everywhere getting very sloppy under all the snow as of Saturday and Sunday
    2. William Baker 0
      How is the ice?
    3. eileen mcgaffigan 0
    4. Eric Bode 0
      I checked probably six out of 20 holes and all were 8 to 10 in.
    5. eileen mcgaffigan 0
      Nice catch! How many inches of ice does lake have?
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  3. 35*

    8 lb. 31 in. Northern Pike with a gold

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  • Species Pike/trout/walleye/bass
  • Waterway Higgins lake
  • Lure Ne thing made by God or man