1. Just want to thank Bib Shafer from Rend Lake Fishing Guides for a nice half day of fishing on Rend Lake last Friday. We caught about 15 channel cats in 4 hours. ...more Bob was a great guide and fun to be out on the lake with. Go check them out if you ever need a guide for Rend Lake.

  2. Channel Catfish with a peanut butter

  3. Spot 3

    spot 3

    1. Bob Shafer 0
      Kerry, they were fishing we me Bob Shafer. Crappie are biting, will be in the bushes in the next few days.
    2. Kerry Settle 0
      Wish I was there! Are the crappie starting to bite? BTW, nice rod!
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  4. Field testing the app with my son on Rend Lake.

    1. Jon Giacalone 0
      Alright! Good luck guys!


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