1. Throwback Thursday!! I finally got to take one of my gf's fly fishing for the very first time and I've been teaching my other gf to fly fish also. Well she ...more out fished all of us last week!! That's why she's grinnin! I didn't even catch a single fish. 😢 I don't mind though! Watching her improve has been awesome!

    1. Jimbo Harwood
      Great pic lol. Looks like it was a really fun time.
    2. Drew Gierach
      This is one of my favorite photos I've seen on Fishidy! Thanks for sharing.
    3. Elisa T
      Thanks you guys!! I never have any fun. 😜 Robert! For real! I guess that's when you know you've taught well! Lol
    4. That's a really great pic, nice trout and hat too Elisa!!!
    5. That's a good fish
    6. Rich Pardy
      You guys dont look like your are having a very good time lol Awesome pic as always!!
    7. AWESOME pic! Annnnnnd the teacher becomes the student! Lol. 👍
    8. john stimson
      awesome pic & catch
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  3. I'm back to catching smaller guys. Lol My first Breckenridge feesh!!

    Rainbow Trout with a scud fly

    1. Wait Breckenridge, isn't the blue in Dillion
    2. Jimbo Harwood
      I wouldnt challenge her to a fishing contest that's for sure.. Lmao.
    3. Morris Campbell
      Face it guys she could wear a feed sack and still out fish most all of us!!!
    4. Nah it's not match the hatch or match the fish the most important thing is match presentation.
    5. Jimbo Harwood
      that's too funny ☺
    6. Elisa T
      Thanks you guys!! Aww well it's not for lack of trying Robert. I just have not been lucky lately. Dang sounds like a fun time Noah!! Chris, instead of match ...more the hatch it's match the fish. Works the same. Mani has got to match the fish. Lol 😂
    7. scott clark
      nice,love some river fishing
    8. rainbow trout nail polish? :)
    9. The blue is amazing, one time I went there, and when we pulled up some of the people who stock it pulled out. Basically we caught 20+ 15+inch fish
    10. Jimbo Harwood
      Nice trout!
    11. Derek Stitt
      Great pic 👌👌
    12. john stimson
      nice catch Elisa
    13. Robert Coleman
      Beautiful Bow Elisa! We've been missing your posts!
    14. Morris Campbell
      Nice one Elisa!!!
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  4. When you're having a hard time pulling off a fish selfie because your feesh is too big!! 🤣 Despite the crowds I was able to catch this big guy today!

    Brown Trout

    1. Matt DeVries
      Thats a beautiful brown trout
    2. Pete Garm
    3. Bryan Hernandez
      What fly did you use?
    4. john stimson
      nice brown,
    5. Jon Garcia
      Real nice.
    6. I got to say it Notice me Senpai
    7. Robert Coleman
      Awesome fish and beautiful picture!
    8. Morris Campbell
      Thats a nice brown!!! And a good selfie too:)
    9. Derek Stitt
      Beautiful Brown Trout
    10. bill henry
      nice nails
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  5. Last feesh of the day yesterday!

    Brown Trout with a Fly

    1. Eddie Goode
    2. Wayne Molitor
      What a Beautiful Brown! Way to go Lisa. Wayne
    3. That's perfect this time of year
    4. Elisa T
      Thanks y'all!! Morris I agree. I definitely have. Practice really helps! Lol Noah, I'm not sure what it's called but it was like a #20 Brown zebra midge ...more with a clear bead on the back.
    5. Hey Elisa do you know the type of fly
    6. Morris Campbell
      Elisa you have come a long way !!! Beautiful Brown!! Congrats
    7. Notice me Senpai lol
    8. Shawn Gearinger
      Beautiful trout! Great pic!
    9. Jon Garcia
      Nice trout! Miss fly fishing
    10. Jimbo Harwood
      what a BEAUTIFUL trout! Awesome pic too Elisa :)
    11. john stimson
      great pick , nice fish
    12. Robert Coleman
      Awesome looking brown Elisa! Great picture!
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  6. I caught my first fish on a dry for the year on Easter! I hope y'all had a happy Easter! Sorry I've been MIA lately. I had to put my dog down almost a month ...more ago and I haven't been up to keeping up with posting.

    Cutthroat Trout with a Dry Fly

    1. Wayne Molitor
      Those mountain lakes were Pup,and Water Dog. There are over by Monarch Ski Resort In order to get to them you have to hike about 1 mile up the side of the mountain. ...more If you ever get a chance to go fishing there, you'll find some of the best cut throat fishing ever.
      Best of luck to you
    2. Elisa T
      That's so cool Wayne! I have not fished it yet. I've done the train and bridge though! One of these days I'll hit it!
    3. Elisa T
      A size 1 stonefly Noah!? 😲 You're definitely looking for the big guys, hu? I usually go with an 8. Lol
    4. Wayne Molitor
      Hey Elisa have you tried the Royal Gourge
      I fished that to. Back then it was all catch and release.
    5. Wayne Molitor
      I was a Drill Sergeant at Fort Carson. I was there in 1974
      Many,many years ago. I was there for a year, then transferred to Fort Knox, just Army wages no GOLD ...more
    6. Yeah I tried yesterday. A few massive strikes for giant marabou streamers and size 1 stonefly imitation.
    7. Elisa T
      Hey Noah! sorry I never got in touch with you. Hubby's been working all weekend so no fishing. 😔
    8. Why were you in Colorado for the army?
    9. Wayne Molitor
      Nice Cutting Throat. I used to catch them years ago, when I was in the Army. Was a high mountain lake in Colorado (Puppy Dog Lake) Keep up the good catches.
    10. Yay or nah?
    11. What section I can try to get to the library area around Saturday evening.
    12. Elisa T
      Lol Noah! We might be hitting boulder creek Sunday. I'll message you when I know for sure
    13. Elisa T
      Thanks guys! I knew some of you would totally understand what I'm going through.
    14. Let's not have another one of those are you single fiascos lol
    15. Paul Gold
      Beautifull trout! and your pretty cute to!
    16. I've had to do that way to often. I feel for you Elisa. :(
    17. Shawn Gearinger
      Condolences Elisa, I have had to do that myself and it is a very hard time. Glad your back and great catch!
    18. Notice me Senpai
    19. Ronald Howell
      So sorry about your dog. It sure looks like you are coming back strong with a catch like that.
    20. Melissa Norris
      nice trout 😀
    21. Morris Campbell
      Glad you are back Elisa! Sorry about your dog:(.
    22. Wade Bowles
      Nice catch Elisa! Sorry about your dog. I put my 13 year old pit down last year, that's tough. Glad to see you're back on the water.
    23. Robert Coleman
      Glad to see you back Elisa! Gorgeous cutthroat! Sorry for your loss!
    24. Rob Koontz
      Been there a few times. Never easy. Sorry for your loss.
    25. Rich Pardy
      Great pic as always Elisa and so sorry about your dog :(
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  7. Spawning season is upon us!! Caught this hungry momma TWICE on two different flies. Must've been fishing over home which I couldn't see so I moved on so ...more she could keep getting herself ready for these babies!

    Rainbow Trout with a leech and zebra midge

    1. Dustin Chehovits
      Awesome pic!
    2. Rich Pardy
      Another great pic!!
    3. Morris Campbell
      Nice work Elisa!! Great pic
    4. scott clark
      nice job
    5. kenny thompson
      Very nice Elisa!!! Another outstanding catch and pic!!
    6. Jimbo Harwood
      Nice catch.. hungry lil chunk eating two fly's the same day.. lol
    7. john stimson
      like those colors
    8. Notice me Senpai
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  8. I even managed a little brown today!

    Brown Trout

    1. Where do you live?
    2. Brock Boyher
      Elisa lets go fishing
    3. Elisa T
      Thanks y'all!! Morris, I know! I think it's crazy! Lol You should definitely hit the canyon if you get the chance!!
    4. Rich Pardy
      Awesome colors!!
    5. Shawn Gearinger
      Beautiful fish!😀
    6. Morris Campbell
      Note to self. 11 mile canyon!!! LOL
    7. Morris Campbell
      Hey thats the size you used to catch.:) nice brown.
    8. scott clark
      Browns are some beautiful fish,nice job and pic
    9. Notice me Senpai
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  9. Sunday Funday!! My biggest catch of the day!

    Rainbow Trout

    1. Derek Herring
      Thank you ma'am I'll be sure to follow you back!!
    2. Elisa T
      Sure was Derek! I just saw that share on Twitter and followed you! Lol
    3. Sean Ratterman
      Beautiful red color love the spots too... Fish on man...
    4. Derek Herring
      Nice!! Saw a great pic of you on Twitter this evening, think it was from the same trip.
    5. Mike D
      That's a beauty
    6. Elisa T
      Thanks guys!!
    7. Robert Coleman
    8. Rich Pardy
      Another great catch and great pic!!
    9. Shawn Gearinger
      Beautiful, great catch!😀
    10. kenny thompson
      Very nice Elisa!!
    11. Morris Campbell
      The trout queen strikes again. Nice Bow Elisa!!!
    12. Jimbo Harwood
      Nice catch Elisa.. what a Beautiful trout..
    13. Pete Lyden
      That's awesome! Looks like a great day
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  10. These are the area's I've had luck with the last couple of times. I'd hit those runs if you can but, really I've heard there's no bad spot to ...more fish on the canyon. There's a lot of pull offs and good water. I would just look for spots that will get some sun and if there's a deep hole. That's probably where some fish are holding. I'd also ask if you stop into the fly shop. Hope you get em!!

    1. Elisa T
      Your fishidy inbox!
    2. Elisa T
      Well make sure to check it cuz I sent you a ton of info to help you out on there too!
    3. I have not
    4. Elisa T
      No problem! Hope you checked your inbox too!
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  11. THIS is why I'm so enamored with the whole fly fishing thing!! That #20 juju midge remained hooked even with all the head shakes and acrobatics this guy was ...more giving me. Sunday was really the first time I've experienced them fighting like that. AWESOME.

    1. Mike Thompson
      Beautiful photo, fish and fly!
    2. Elisa T
      Noah I just sent you the longest message ever! lol
    3. Hey Elisa I'm going up to eleven mile this weekend. Do you have any tips like where the fish are holding, or what flies I should use.
    4. scott clark
      have you entered any these pics on bragging board yet,I'd guess u cld win some
    5. scott clark
      she's done it again,another great pic from Elisa,nice job on fish to,keep up the good work,really enjoy your pics (awsome 1)
    6. john stimson
      great pic.
    7. Super
    8. kenny thompson
      Well you did a great job!!
    9. Elisa T
      Morris I'd say more like a quarter of the time for me! 😂 Thanks y'all! I've seen similar pics on Instagram and had to recreate my own!!
    10. Jimbo Harwood
      wow! what an awesome fish! I bet that was a nice fight.. lol. Great job..
    11. Omg Elisa your picks are amazing
    12. kenny thompson
      That on heck of a pic Elisa!!!
    13. Morris Campbell
      Great pic Elisa!!!
    14. Morris Campbell
      Most of the time..:)
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