1. Details: 200 lb. 70 in. White Sucker with a fishing crew

    Fuck Fishidy, this shit sucks, thanks for being sell outs fishing crew...

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Late night fishing with my little sis, got lots of bites (mosquitoes) lol and also got this 20" largemouth coming in at 4.7 pounds

    1. Just Fish 0
      @snigaligdigit nice one
    2. Charlie George 0
      Lol thanks @AndyM
    3. Andy M. 0
      @snigaligdigit @paulbarrea38 I love how people can look at any bass picture and know exactly how much it weighs....lol. good fish man
    4. Charlie George 0
      @paulbarrea38 Dayton Ohio
    5. paulbarrea38 0
      still not a 4 pounder as u can tell I don't put the weight of the fish on where r u located I can take u to some ponds and we can settle this little dispute
    6. Charlie George 0
      @paulbarrea38 lol it is dead accurate (in inches). I notice you don't have shit to say about extending your arms!!
    7. paulbarrea38 0
      how much did u pay for that tattoo because I think it's in millimeters 🖕
    8. Charlie George 0
      @paulbarrea38 lol I have a tape measure tattooed to my leg, notice how I hold the fish close to my body? All your pics your arms are extended to make the fish look ...more bigger!! Piss off
    9. paulbarrea38 0
      you need a new scale and measuring tape buddy that's a 2 at best
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    I arrived to the pond at about midnight and on my third cast this 5lb 20 1/2" bucket mouth slammed my topwater about 3 foot from the bank in 2 FOW. 65 degrees ...more and slowing falling. The bass were on fire tonight, pre-spawn can be a beautiful thing!

    1. Charlie George 0
      Straight retrieve with occasional pauses in ponds. Little tougher in the river, so there I have to just do a steady retrieve @Smalljaw
    2. Smalljaw 0
      How do you fish the jitterbug? Straight retrieve so it rocks side to side? Stop and go? Or pop it do it spits?
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  4. Details: White Crappie

    Late night bass fishing and got a pleasant surprise when this crappie opted to slam the jitterbug in about 6 FOW. Clear skies and about 60 degrees.

    1. mike gardiner 0
      Nice surprise!
  5. Details: Black Crappie

    65 degrees, windy, and overcast. Fishing the wind blown side of the pond. Weeds about 4 foot out. Caught in about 5 FOW but the fish hit at about 2 foot down. ...more Nice little fight

  6. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    Had a few minutes between jobs, stopped at a local park and got this decent smallmouth on the ultra-light. 2 FOW

    1. Scott B 0
  7. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    Stained water, smallies were holding in the flooded vegetation. 2 FOW

    1. Charlie George 0
      @Smalljaw You never know until you try!!
    2. Smalljaw 0
      Didn't think it was top water season yet. Good job
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  8. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    My little sister came in the town from college and has wanted to fish with me for a while, so I woke her up at 6:15 in the morning and took her to the river. The ...more bite was tough but we manage this nice one in 3 FOW.

  9. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    Got this beautifully colored smallie on my ultra-light rig with 4lb test. Slightly stained water fishing just outside of the current. I was a little surprised ...more they were hitting top water, but I can't help but tie on a top water almost every time I'm out.

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    LOL I couldn't help it! I had to take the picture with the sign!! I like the sign because it deters some other fisherman that don't want to risk it!! Bass ...more were caught in 2-8 FOW worked the fluke right on the surface.

    1. nicklovin25 0
      Yeah the answer to why they stock it is to keep the pond clean but they make great fishing ponds always got to check at least once to see if the residents kick you ...more out. Lol
    2. zackattack11 0
      No swimming or fishing sounds like a waste of water
    3. Matthew_L 0
      Nice! Catch 'em til they catch you...
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I'm a 30 year old married man that loves to fish and take my boys fishing. I like to fish for everything and like to find different ways to ...more fish.

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  • Species Bass
  • Waterway Great Miami River
  • Lure Topwater