1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a shinner

    Nailed this guy right off a dock. 12 to 15 fow. Overcast sky's, 72 degree, water mid 60's. wind NE, 3 to 5 mph, bar steady @ 29. Put up one big fight, was ...more set on showing me he was boss!

  2. Details: Black Bullhead Catfish with a Earthworm

    One healthy mommy off my fav flat! 4 fow gust's 10 to 15 south east.

    1. Donald Myers 0
      What a hog!
  3. Details: white Sucker with a Night Crawler, double drop shot

    Winds @ 15mph SE, partly clear sky's, air temp lower 60's. 3FoW. 8 ft from shore. This guy kept hitting the bait, 2 worms later snagged him in the upper ...more lip. Surprised me! About 14" to 16", 1lb.

    1. Richard Shadler 0
      @wyldechylde77 I'm still working on a boat for this year just for that reason! Looking @ a Coleman flat back/Scanoe from Dicks! $500. Come on income tax!!!
    2. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Darn right! Rig it up, couple of trebles for a quick strike rig, slowly troll around some edges, ba-BOOM!!
    3. Richard Shadler 0
      Lol! I said the same thing to the Mrs. When I landed him! @wyldechylde77
    4. Chuck LaBruna 0
      I'm thinking, "MUSKY BAIT!" 😉
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  4. Details: Black Bullhead Catfish with a Double drop shot, Night crawler

    Out fishing my fav flat for walleye's! Mrs's landed the only one @14" Bite was on for the bull's! Killed them! Patchy showers, 50deg, water temp ...more easy 50's. Landed 6 over 10" in an hour!

    1. Richard Shadler 0
      Lil guys kept beating them to the bait! Hungry lil suckers! This was the daddy though!
  5. Out before sun up, looking to score on some pike & chains. First cast @ sun up, lost my fav floater! Took me about 30 or so cast's too get it back! I like ...more being lucky! Lol! Bait, determination!

    1. Richard Shadler 0
      @MichiganFishing couldn't tell you, it was the first time I tried it!
    2. MichiganFishing 0
      I love that design man! Looks like a winner for when I go on St. Clair
    3. Richard Shadler 0
      @MichiganFishing Cabelas brand, real imitation Musky. 5"
    4. MichiganFishing 0
      What lure is that? I love it!
    5. Richard Shadler 0
      @kisbass I feel your pain! Tight lines!
    6. kisbass 0
      Haha lol I know I was really ticked when he took it
    7. Richard Shadler 0
    8. Richard Shadler 0
      I was worried about the same thing man! But all the racket I made trying to get it back I must have spooked the whole lake! Lol!
    9. kisbass 0
      Haha lol I do that all the time one time a fish actually took the floater before I could retrieve it lol
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  6. Details: Other Catfish

    Yellow bullhead the Mrs. Caught!

    1. crookcody19 0
      Thanks nice to see my blert's are helping fisherman! I'll make sure to put more blert's of perch so you can have a better idea of how to catch them!
    2. Richard Shadler 0
      @crookcody16 Have to admit I've never caught a Perch! Maybe I'll give them a go this year. Don't know much about them. Thanks for the great blert's ...more & support! Tight lines to you!
    3. Richard Shadler 0
      @crookcody16 It's a knock, knock, hit! And a hard run once you set it. They do surprise a bit about how hard some can fight, but everyone is a lotta fun!
    4. crookcody19 0
      Still have never caught one of these types of catfish. How is the fight?
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  7. Details: Channel Catfish with a Dead Shinner

    Nailed this guy only 15 mins into it! 6lbs! 23.25" 10:38 pm 4/25/14 NW wind @ 10 to 15 gust's 3 fow. Clear sky's!

    1. Swamp Mafia 0
      No problem. Thanks for the update. Its a great fish!
    2. Richard Shadler 0
      Thanks for the input @SwampMafia ,@fishingmatt ,@lainedillard.
    3. Richard Shadler 0
      My bad guys! Did a lil more research on it, it a channel. Surprised heck outta me found out somebody dumped a couple in about 5 years ago after they filled it back ...more up. This lake was drained for 3 year
    4. fishingmatt 0
    5. Swamp Mafia 0
      @fishingmatt its a channel cat, it has a forked tail, and bullheads do not.
    6. fishingmatt 0
      @SwampMafia watcha think? Mudcat or channel
    7. Richard Shadler 0
      The eye looks a lil big due to flash of camera.
    8. Richard Shadler 0
      It's a bull head for sure. There's no channels in that lake. I know, I've fished it since I was 10 yrs old.
    9. Joe Olsem 0
      Nice fish though!
    10. Laine Dillard 0
      @kcmadig world record is under 10 for bullhead
    11. Laine Dillard 0
      @IowaAnglers @dmyerswny the tail is forked and the bottom jaw is pulled back it's a channel
    12. kcmadig 0
      Is that really the record in pa? Thought it would be heavier! But its definately a nice cat
    13. Donald Myers 0
      The eyes are pretty big though.
    14. Donald Myers 0
      Looks like a bullhead to me...
    15. Donald Myers 0
      If that's a bullhead it's definitely a monster!
    16. ryan mcdowell 0
      It is a channel @IowaAnglers nice one at that
    17. Joe Olsem 0
      Caught this in Pennsylvania? The record is 4 lb 10 oz! Report it to dnr!!
    18. Joe Olsem 0
      Holy smokes!! I thought it was a channel! Is that state record?!
    19. Isaac Carey 0
      GeeeZ GIANT!
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  8. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a sm top water trout fly.

    After fishing all weekend at the local pond, this was the fruits of my labor! Bait! Lol! Trout fly on retrieve, slightly over cast, just after sun up. 2 fow.

    1. Richard Shadler 0
      Just wanna say thanks for all the input everybody! @IowaAnglers, @lainedillard, @alexlaneri,@AllWaterLife! This is why I love this app!
    2. Joe Olsem 0
      Some bluegills have a little trace of hybrid in them so it's hard to tell! Pretty fish though!
    3. Richard Shadler 0
      The upper back was a really hot pink color, I know it's hard to tell in the pic. More vibrant in person.
    4. Laine Dillard 0
      It's a bluegill
    5. Alex Alex 0
      It seems to be missing some of the key colorings of a pumpkinseed sunfish. However I could be wrong!
    6. Richard Shadler 0
      It's hard to see but he was real pink in the back.
    7. Richard Shadler 0
      I'm having trouble id'n this. Do you recognize the species?
    8. AllWaterLife 0
      I caught a sunfish even smaller than that on Sunday on the fly. Crazy.
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  9. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout

    Who's ready for some tight lines!

    1. Richard Shadler 0
      Some of the best times from my childhood!
    2. bkeefer 0
      @latenitecycler 10 days till the start of Pennsylvania's trout season. I can't wait. Best times in the trout streams.
    3. timriggins69 0
    4. timriggins69 0
      Are those cans of dip
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