1. First week of May at lake Maxincukee. Had 5 fish for 10.66 on drop shots and tubes

  2. Caught this one flipping shallow stumps

    Largemouth Bass with a Beaver

    1. Ethan Shaw 0
      Yes it was John Foster!
    2. john foster 0
      1 month ago? it was up pretty high wasn't it?
    3. Mike Henley 0
      nice catch. i need me one of those
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Senko

    You can get to this area. Speed boats go through here so that means you can too!

  4. What's a good go-to on maxi? upcoming tournament there in may

    1. Ethan Shaw 0
      I usually don't fish deep on that lake though it is effective. I usually stick to the canals to the very south by James with a wacky senko green pumpkin. I will ...more mark the pipes on the map. They will be all the way up grassy creek. Just look at the fishidy map for tippi and you will see it up the creek. The creek arm by Oswego lake (not the canal the creek in the east side of Oswego) is good because it will stay cooler in the summer
    2. Tyler Buell 0
      thanks for tips again man, what pipes are you talking about ? and I did ok prefishing last weekend, found some in the outlet canal off Oswego lake, caught some fish ...more on jigs on deeper dock on james lake and the main tippy by the danced hall, was thinking about trying some caroling rigs off the main points and ledges, I deff will try up grassy creek with my frog, how deep do you usually fish there ?
    3. Ethan Shaw 0
      Yes I have Tyler. I really like tippi. I will tell you that there is a crap ton of grass and docks in that lake. The grass is key. The southern end is my favorite. ...more It's really clear so have natural colors on for your soft plastics. In grassy creek the frog bite is really good. Don't be afraid to fish the creek all the way to the lock/ boat ramp. The morning bite is key. The weed lines down at the convergence of the creek/lake james/ and the main tippi lake are really good with a popper. The canals are good in the morning to the south. If it gets to 12 or 1 and you still don't have a limit, fish the pipes all the way up the creek. It's deep enough for speed boats so don't be shy. If you skip a senko in all those pipes you can catch a limit.
    4. Tyler Buell 0
      Terrible. Only weighed in 2 largemouth. Didn't fish the main lake like I should have. Was very windy as always too. Next one is lake tippecanoe.. have you fished ...more that ??
    5. Ethan Shaw 0
      Hey Tyler, how did your tourney at maxi end up on the 17th?
    6. Ethan Shaw 0
      I think there will still be some left. The southern end will have bedded fish and the northern end will have cruising fish. The north west side of the lake has some ...more good weed lines that hold keepers. The morning largemouth bite is what I would key on. They will be in the cannals and on the flat that joins the canals together
    7. Tyler Buell 0
      Hey do you think smallies will still be on beds this weekend ? I fished it a week ago and they were. I didn't have time to get there this week and tourney is ...more Sunday
    8. Ethan Shaw 0
      It all depends on your style of fishing. Fish your strengths. If you like light line and a spinning rod target the smallies in 5-9 foot of water where there is rock. ...more If you like shallow fishing you can flip a small craw or creature bait in the canals. MAKE SURE that all your colors are light natural looking colors. No blacks or blues. Green, smoke, watermelon and purple are good. They eat lots of crawfish on that lake.
    9. Tyler Buell 0
      Thanks for the tips, should I target smallmouth primarily ??
    10. Ethan Shaw 0
      A wacky senko is always a good pic for fishing the canals there. Drop shotting for smallmouth is good on the main lake. Use light line and small worms (3-5 inch) ...more in green and purple. They will probably be spawning so look for shallow rock for smallmouth.
    11. Tyler Buell 0
      May 17
    12. Ethan Shaw 0
      What is the date of your tournament?
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  5. heard anything about Monroe bass lately ?...Im struggling

    1. brayden Zagel 0
      throw that red dirt bladed jig it ill catch em good.
    2. Ethan Shaw 0
      hmm i dont get to monroe a whole lot but this is what i know. I know that the fish are in the spawn (some still pre spawn) If the water temp is above 62 look for ...more spawning bass. If its below that, I would look for docks in 6-8 feet of water with good spawning grounds on the bank. The fish will use the docks as a transition area. Use a nail weighted trick worm and a baby brush hog on a shakey head. Fish the whole dock, especially the back sides. Also, look for main lake flats in 4-10 feet of water that have some steep drop offs near them. Throw a lipless crankbait or (my favorite bait for the flats) a red dirt bait company bladed jig with a small swimbait trailor. Fish the flat part (not the drop off). Hope this helps.
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  6. Hey I have a tournament here in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know the current water tempurature?

    1. brayden Zagel 0
      between 40 and 70 probably
  7. Details: Good spawning area

  8. Details: Conture change

    1. Ethan Shaw 0
      Rick, I have not fished these particulare spots before. These are spots that multiple people have told me of. The main lake points are usually fished in the afternoon ...more with dropshots and tubes. A Red Dirt buzzbait usually works good in the creeks in the morning.
    2. Rick Fink 0
      Ethan, What time of teh day are you hitting teh water and what are you catching?
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