1. Hey has anybody tried the XGO shirts or pants i seen them advertised to keep you warm in extreme weather ???????

  2. The grandbaby and I went fishing last Sunday afternoon, i seen the water churning around the edge of some Lilly pads. I threw a 6" black lizard on top of the ...more pads and slowly pulled it the the edge and let it drop off. this big girl took off with it.

  3. get ready to learn a lot !!!! we talk as much about fishing as women do about tv shows and shopping Ha ha ha

    1. Shirley Steele 0
      Still fishing just working too much
    2. tim noles 0
      Where did you go ? did you stop fishing ?
    3. tim noles 0
      ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Shirley Steele 0
      That's not A problem, that's YOUR problem..lol!
    5. tim noles 0
      The problem...Some women fish better than men... ouch !!!!
    6. tim noles 0
      Yep i know some that really love fishing my wife is one of them. but we still dont have enough....
    7. Shirley Steele 0
      some woman. other woman like to talk about hunting, fishing, guns and the outdoors!
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  4. Hey welcome to Fishidy, we all had to start some where. if you have any questions i would be glad to get the information for you. you already on the right track. ...more just love the outdoors.
    do you like to fresh water fish or salt water fish?

    1. tim noles 0
      Do they have Bass in Montana ?
    2. tim noles 0
      Being from LA --- Lower Alabama ha ha ha, i have not been to Montana, but would love to go when i retire. I hear its a beautiful state.
    3. tim noles 0
    4. Shirley Steele 0
      While i was living in Montana obviously I did a lot more freshwater. Here in Florida I do a combination of both. Unfortunately I haven't had much time for any ...more lately.
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  5. Supper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no just kidding, i have to let him go to get bigger

  6. looky looky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. plus grandbaby number three on the way. i need a bigger boat !!!!!

    1. Chad Wilkins 0
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Congrats Tim! Definitely will need an upgraded boat!
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  8. number two

    1. tim noles 0
      cant wait til she gets older to teach her to fish !!!!!!!
    2. tim noles 0
      this my friends changes the meaning of life.........
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  9. This is my new fishing buddies, grandbaby number one and grandbaby number two.......

    1. tim noles 0
      yes shes hooked for life on fishing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. tim noles 0
      Sad part is that she caught more fish than i did ......
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  10. Glimmer Blue, eh? Who makes it? I tried a similar color yesterday on a shakey head & a 3/8 oz swing head football jig. Skipped docks & worked ledges, not ...more much luck tho.