1. 4 or 5 ramps and 3 slides in this little pocket. May be good if the fish are on a boat ramp pattern

    Boat Ramps and Sea Doo slides

  2. There is a small flat on the down river side of this island. Could be a hangout area

    Island Flat

  3. Its in the middle of the mouth. Goes from 10ft to 35ft.


  4. Details: largemouth with a thomas's watermelon worm with purple flake.shakey head

    pier is made of metal and concrete. next to bridge.

  5. Details: largemouth with a shakey head

    tourney jun 2, 2013. off the rock wall

  6. Details: largemouth with a black and blue beaver

    tourney, jun 2, 2013. caught 2 the last 10 mins of tourney. was able to cull two smaller fish. swimming beaver in the weeds.

  7. Details: largemouth with a black and blue beaver

    tourney. june 2, 2013. caught 2 flipping in this "town creek?". its hard to see from the main channel so it may not have alot of fishing pressure

  8. Details: channel pocket

    Angling for Kids tourney. June 1, 2013. missed 3 or 4 swimming a frog early in the morning.


Live in Alabama. Home lake is Lay Lake. Have a BS degree in Agriculture Business and Economics at Auburn University. Was a member of the ...more Auburn University Bass Club. SSGT in the Air National Guard. Married for 3 years and have a little girl.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth, Spot, Crappie, Catfish, Bream
  • Waterway Lay Lake
  • Lure Black and Blue flipping jig with trailer