1. 4 lb. 18 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Northland Mimic Minnow

  2. This is one of the biggest fish I've caught this year. Complete with beautiful black gums and 12 pounds of nasty attitude.

    Chinook Salmon with a Down riggers with deep running blue flies

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      Thanks Tim! I gotta start doing more Great Lakes fishing.
    3. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Nice salmon!
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  3. This awesome dinosaur was caught while catfishing in the morning in Le Sueur. At 27 1/2 inches in length, and weighing at 8 pounds, this thing put up a good struggle. ...more After releasing it, my friend caught one too (just an inch shorter). Nothing feels better than catching your first sturgeon, especially with a friend. I can't wait to catch it's bigger cousin sometime!

    Shovelnose Sturgeon with a Green Worm on a slip rig.

  4. I caught this 27 1/2 incher while fishing for springtime crappie with a slip bobber set-up. At 10 pounds, this thing took 9 minutes to land on my ultralight rod ...more (thank you Ugly Stik!). He was safely released after the photo op. Hopefully, someone else will have the chance to tussle with Garfield now.

    Channel Catfish with a Berkley Powerbait Honey Worm


One of the biggest fishing nuts in Bloomington, I live and breathe fishing. Rivers, lakes, creeks, no body of water is too out of the ordinary ...more for me. Whenever I can, I can get out there almost everyday and try as many lure and rig combinations as I can (I love the Lindy rig)! When I'm not fishing, I love to work with video editing software, as well as Adobe Flash and Photoshop, play videogames, work out, and travel around and see everything Minnesota has to offer. Even if I don't catch a thing, I'm just happy to be doing what I love doing most.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Northern pike, and any fish that puts up a good fight.
  • Waterway Vermilion Lake
  • Lure Northland Gumball jig tipped with a Berkley Powerbait grubworm