1. Hey does any know the water temp and what it is typically late September early October? Thanks

    1. George Schaffer 0
      Thank you!
    2. fish fisherson 0
      I have news on strippers, they cost more than fishing! Spelling is important sometimes. :)
    3. Efrain Herrera 0
      Sorry duh yards fish largemouth lol
    4. Efrain Herrera 0
      I was there yesterday, although i don't know what it norm is in September, water temp was 70 to 74 cool side, 78 plus warm by Clinton Marina. Hope that helped, ...more not sure what you fish for, we caught nice Bass, some catfish nothing over 4lbs, some small white bass, 6 very large sheepshead/drum biggest 6lbs, but caught lots of crappie very nice size, although we were there for white bass. if we were crappie fishermen wow crappies everywhere. Anyone have a news on strippers please post thanks
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  2. Does anyone know the water temp? Thanks!!

    1. Ryan Shelk 0
      80-100 depending where you are. north is cooler still.
  3. Anyone know the water temp on the cold side lately I would think it would go down a little bit from 100 degrees

      hot side 96ish
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  4. Does anyone know the water temp on the cold side thanks

    1. Robin Volke 0
      last week it was 103 to 105. On the warm side 110 too warm for me. we did get a couple of small bass in the Rearing area around the islands. We left after 2 hours.
  5. Does anyone know the water temp thanks

    1. Joshua Shaver 0
      On Sunday the water temps was in the low 80s on the cool side
  6. Large mouth caught from a local pond

    Largemouth Bass with a wacky rig

  7. How bad r the pleasure boaters here on the weekends?

    1. George Schaffer 0
      Alright thanks
    2. Mike Doyle 0
      It gets pretty bad after 11 am most weekends
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  8. Does anyone know the water temps by the north launch and the typical summer time water temps up there and roughly where does the water temp begin to rise I want ...more to fish here over the summer but my outboard is old and I don't know if running 100 degree water through it would be the best, thanks

    1. zack kocovsky 0
    2. George Schaffer 0
      Alright thanks I am gonna to launch north it should be colder up there and btw r u in off the hook
    3. zack kocovsky 0
    4. George Schaffer 0
      What side did u fish?
    5. George Schaffer 0
      Alright thanks
    6. zack kocovsky 0
      When I went it was 101 degrees
    7. George Schaffer 0
      Thanks is that the current water temp or what is it usually during the summer?
    8. zack kocovsky 0
      90 degrees
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  9. Does anyone know the water temp thank you!

    1. George Schaffer 0
      Alright thanks
    2. Mike Mollo 0
      Just got home from there. It was 55-56 degrees
    3. Brian Downing 0
      Just came off the lake and it was around 54-56 degrees.
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  10. Does anyone know the water temp here thanks!!

    1. zack kocovsky 0
      50 to 53
    2. George Schaffer 0
      alright thank you
    3. Brian Downing 0
      47-50 most spots. Very very windy today out there.
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