1. 17 in. Bluegill with a berkley gulp

    1. Noah Humfeld
      major typo! sorry!
    2. Noah Humfeld
      major typo! Id kill to see a 17" gill lol!
    3. Clay Russell
      No way, Jose. Maybe it was a largemouth at 17"
    4. Kyle Traeder
      If you're going to lie on size do yourself a favor and make it at least sound believable to save yourself the embarrassment
    5. John Spencer
      Yeah right lol
    6. Don Varese
      Typo or you also have the world's largest hands:}
    7. kyle bewner
      That's a world record! 15 inches is the current. I hope you kept it.
    8. A S
      your tape measure must be broke
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  3. 17 in. Smallmouth Bass with a minnows

  4. Another good night!

    1. Noah Humfeld
      Thanks Tim!
    2. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice fish guys!
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  5. Had a great night dragging jigs and crawlers! Biggest walleye was 22".

    1. Christopher Pereira
      nice, no luck really for us here yet with the eyes
    2. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice fish guys!
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  6. Just thought I'd include a picture of the Bulldawg I've been catching lots of the pike on.

    1. Brad Paradis
      That thing is a monstrosity!
    2. Pete szulc
      Tim are you trolling for those nice pike or casting.. great fish...
    3. Abraham Gavelek
      How long is that thing
    4. Noah Humfeld
      Wow look at that tail!
    5. Tim Steinmetz
      @Jon: Yep, they do make one size bigger. I'll be sure to grab a couple next time I travel down to civilization. I catch fish on this one (Magnum) that are about ...more the same size as the lure, so I'm sure a decent pike would not hesitate to inhale the Pounder.
    6. Tim Steinmetz
      @ Will: I fish for muskies on occasion, but not often. I've had better luck with hard plastic jerkbaits for muskies.
    7. Christopher Pereira
      Rich, make one of those!
    8. Jon Reznack
      Not big enough! Throw the Pounder!
    9. Will Nemanich
      Do you fish musky waters?
    10. Tim Steinmetz
      I've actually never caught a musky on a Bulldawg.
    11. Will Nemanich
      Do u ever catch musky on that?
    12. Jacob Maki
      That's huge, I gotta get used to your new profile pic.
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  7. I really am getting spoiled with the pike. A couple years ago I would have thought this 32 incher was a nice fish. Today I was going to just shake the hooks out ...more of him alongside the boat, but decided at the last minute to drag him on board for a picture.

    32 in. Northern Pike with a Big Swimbait Sorta Thing

    1. Rich Pardy
      What are you doing catching them babies :) You are pike spoiled my friend when your trying to shake off 32 inchers :)
    2. Noah Humfeld
      Love the lure description Tim!
    3. Christopher Pereira
      Now that looks like a nice no pike!
    4. Jacob Maki
      That's still a nice pike, the biggest one I've caught this year was only 29.
    5. Jacob Anderson
      32 inches is still a huge pike for me haha ;) Awesome fish!
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  8. The best topwater lure I found was the good old bass slaying Spro Frog. The walleyes went nuts over it, though they missed it more times than they got it. Several ...more times I got multiple strikes per cast. They are much more explosive than bass too. It was a blast just casting that thing out there in the dark and listening for the explosion.

    Walleye with a Spro Frog

    1. Rich Pardy
      Crazy top water fishing!! You could catch a walleye on a hotdog I think :)
    2. Noah Humfeld
      Now that is freaking cool!!!! Way to think outside the tackle box!!! Can't wait to try it here in Madison
    3. Jacob Maki
      No I was joking. Thanks for offering though.
    4. Tim Steinmetz
      @Jacob: Do you have a good way of getting from Manistique to the Ford River boat launch? It's about 1 hr 15 minutes driving. If so, maybe we can work something ...more out this summer.
    5. I love it! Tim the Walleye Whisperer! Never heard of fishing for them this way.
    6. Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
      The walleye whisperer is your name. You always seem to figure out where when and how to catch those marble eye beauties.
    7. Will Nemanich
      Wow! Now that's impressive! Well done
    8. Jacob Maki
      I wanna go fishing with u I don't catch anything like that.
    9. Brad Paradis
      Never heard of such a thing! The walleye just don't stand a chance when you're around.
    10. Jacob Maki
      That's something u don't hear much of, a walleye on a topwater, nice job.
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  9. Largemouth Bass with a Booyah Jig and home made craw trailer

    1. Derrell Downey
      Congrats Rich, you the Man!
    2. Gina Pierson
      Bam! I hope you kissed it right on the lips! Great catch!
    3. Tim Steinmetz
      Congrats on the Braggin' Board win, Rich!
    4. Noah Humfeld
    5. Rich Pardy
      I try to keep them in the net in the water until I am ready to take a pic and try to do it in under a minute
    6. Brian Pratt
      I don't know why but I'm the same way. I get nervouse about keeping out of the water too long. I want to release them right away with only their pride hurt. ...more I just recently caught my personal best (for Ohio) and didn't even think to weigh or measure it. Good catch. Congrats!
    7. Tim Steinmetz
      Now that is a pre spawn pig! Great catch, Rich!
    8. Rich Pardy
      Thanks guys, hopefully her big sister or mama will be ready to bite with the temps finally warming up.
    9. Tim Swartz
      Awesome Rich, shes is big girl.nice catch
    10. Derrell Downey
      Nice Rich!
    11. Jon Giacalone
      Nice fish nonetheless!
    12. Rich Pardy
      No I was having to many problems trying to get a pic and wanted to get her back in the water but im guessing around 21-22 inches and nice and fat. It was real windy ...more out and every time I tried to set my camera down and take a photo with the timer it would fall over, this was the best pic I managed out of about 10, all the others cut half the photo off.
    13. Jon Giacalone
      Great catch Rich! Did you get a measure on that one!
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  10. Marcia with nice walleye today in her new tuffy boat

    1. Noah Humfeld
      Awesome! I'm running a 1760 tiller this year and I absolutely love it!
    2. jeff bennett
      1990 tiller
    3. Jon Giacalone
      way to go!
    4. Noah Humfeld
      What a toad! What model of Tuffy are you running??
    5. Rich Pardy
      Nice walleye Marcia!!
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  11. First bass of the year, nice to be casting again!!

    Largemouth Bass with a White Double Willow Spinner

    1. jeff bennett
    2. Rich Pardy
      @lunker Its sure does, were probably still 2-3 weeks from the best fishing, I cant wait.
    3. Feels good doesn't it. The season is upon us!
    4. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice bass, Rich! I'm itching to do some open water fishing now! The ice is starting to go, and it's going fast. We had a big south wind on Sunday that blew ...more most of the ice out of Keweenaw Bay, and busted up the ice on the south end of Portage Lake. It's interesting to think that if I didn't have to go to Detroit this weekend I would have gone ice fishing on Friday, and now a few days later it is mostly open water!
    5. Rich Pardy
      Thanks guys, hopefully the spring bite kicks in full gear soon.
    6. Noah Humfeld
      Atta boy!
    7. Harry Buzinski
      Nice catch, nice to be on the water again.
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