1. Details: 2 Keepers in Practice

  2. Details: Shoreline timber

    Ralphy nailed them on buzzbaits here in 2014 classic (fall)

  3. Details: 3 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Black senko

    Skipped a dock that had 1 random 4x4 post by it, off on it's own.

  4. Details: Boat Launch

    Boat Launch

  5. Details: 2 lb. Largemouth with a Senko

    1. William Sima 0
      What was the water temp when you were there?
  6. Details: Drift Reefs Here

    Big Fish, Lots of Em. Use Hydrowave

  7. Details: Protected Area

    Have caught fish here.

  8. Details: Can be great

    big fish spot

  9. Details: Reef off the islands

    Play the wind, deep side by ship best

  10. Details: Randy Howell #2



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