1. Perch on Bago - moving shallow with the cooling water. Caught in about 5'.

    1. Dave Mockert 0
      Wow, i guess the forage in bago is changing too.
    2. Sam Pociask 0
      The tubby one in on the bottom of this picture had 2 small crayfish in her when I cleaned it.
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  2. Lake Winnebago perch.

    1. Tony Callies 0
      Nice Mockert! A nice catch of Perch gets me fired up for ice fishing... Then again, let's have some Indian Summer first...
  3. Details: Brown Trout with a mouse fly

    1. Brandt Brown 0
    1. Dave Mockert 0
      I will happily take any of you with me next time, but heck if I am telling you where it was.
    2. Brian Jensen 0
      Jordan, were you using fly or were you taking the easy route and throwing a spinner?
    3. Jordan Truttschel 0
      Go ahead Brian! Smoked 5 over 12" tonight! All caught and released. 2 that were 16" and 17" Browns. Got one on film! Good times... Dave we may have ...more to take Brian to our backup spots and see if he can handle the little guys first!
    4. Brian Jensen 0
      Dave, I believe I am next in line since I need a some much needed training to prepare me for my Flambeau River fly fishing trip
    5. Carie Breunig 0
      You should just have him take you with him next time. I'm going too ;)
    6. Jordan Truttschel 0
      So are you going to tell me where you got these monsters now that I'm hooked on this trout fishing deal?!?!
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  4. Wisconsin trout trifecta - Brown, Brookie, and Rainbow.

    1. Brian Jensen 0
      you should mark the spots
  5. http://www.badgerflyfishers.org/opener_2012.html