1. Details: 22 in. Walleye with a minnow

  2. Details: 4 foot

    1. doug cribaro
      Was it cold there today ?
    2. Juan Johnson
      I hope someday to catch one. This is first year I ever started trying to educate myself how to catch one. Cheers to you.
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  4. Muskellunge with a Bulldawg (Walleye)

    1. Brandt Brown
      It was terrible, 25 -30mphs winds, and flurried on and off. Luckily no rain!
    2. Brian Jensen
      Was it snowing?
    3. Brian Jensen
      Look at you...You are the man!
    4. Brandt Brown
      http://www.haywardbait.com/2012Results.pdf If I caught one more legal I would of been in the top 10. Get'm next year....
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  5. Details: Muskellunge with a Bulldawg

    1. douglas schlief
      nice fish! gonna try your lake next week on the family vacation