1. Madison Chain bite is hot folks!

    1. Jon Reznack
      Sounds good!
    2. Drew Gierach
      I'll be out and about for sturgeon fishing this weekend with a few people. Give me a buzz any time you're in the area.
    3. Jon Reznack
      Waubesa is tough... but you can still catch em. Hows the bago bite Drew? Wanna fish soon?
    4. Drew Gierach
      Where's all your catches then?
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  2. Clements Barge was packed and fishing was slow due to the cold front.

    Walleye and Perch with a river rigs

    1. Jon Reznack
      flat brims and truckers all day
    2. Jordan Truttschel
      Hat game on point.
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  3. Dude!!! Ur a multi species fishing fool!! Kudos...You related to the Linder's? lol

    1. Jordan Truttschel
      I wish... Time on the water is key!
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  5. Came in on the underwater camera took my buddy's lure he missed it then he came in and just ate up my speed spoon! It was an awesome fight! Hopefully first of ...more many!

    30 in. Burbot with a speed spoon

    1. Jordan Truttschel
      Poor man's Lobster!
    2. Christopher Pereira
      cool fish we don't have those here
    3. Tim Steinmetz
      Great burbot!
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  6. It was a multi species type of day...

    Pumpkinseed with a Clam Caviar Jig

    1. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice sunfish!
  7. Emma's first fish through the ice!

    Bluegill with a Clam Drop Jig

    1. kenny thompson
    2. Rich Pardy
      Congrats Emma on your first ice fish!!
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  8. Caught quite a few short walleye after dark. Wisconsin walleye initiative stocking I'm assuming. Mendota may be a good walleye fishery in a couple years..

    1 lb. 14 in. Walleye with a VMC Tumbler UV + minnow head

    1. Brian K
      I'll agree to that Jordan - mostly because of the potential I've encountered during the fall bite. I don't think walleye over 28" are uncommon in ...more Dota but I would love to know where those fish (and other size-able numbers) migrate to during the rest of the gamefish season
    2. Jordan Truttschel
      It already is a great walleye lake!
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  9. Does anyone have an idea how the landings are in the Tenney Park area? Was going to go out in the morning but am unsure how the shores are going to be due to today's ...more weather.

    1. Jordan Truttschel
      Not certain, but there have been a number of people going through lately in the SE area of the state... May want to consider walking!
  10. Need some guidance is this a spotted or largemouth bass?

    1. Neal Parker
      Easy way to tell in the future. Open the mouth and rub you finger across the tounge. If there is a small patch of teeth on the tounge it is a Spot. Fool proof ...more !
    2. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice bass! Looks like a largemouth to me, but I'm not a bass expert.
    3. Christopher Pereira
    4. Jordan Truttschel
    5. John Morgan
      Yes on second look it is a large mouth
    6. Dean Dearwester
    7. John Morgan
      From the angle of the pic, looks like a spot to me
    8. David Moore Jr.
    9. Charles Johnson
    10. George Lay
      Looking like a largemouth to me.
    11. John Fitch
      I think they say if the hinge of the mouth goes to the back of the eye it's a largemouth
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  11. Finally got out on the ice for a few hours in between coats of Spackle. Walked across the street to Mud Hole Cove.

    White Crappie with a Jigging Rap

    1. Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
      @Scott I couldn't get all of them on my fingers and it was cold so the only free grip was my teeth
    2. Scott Sorrell
      I've seen guys kiss bass, but never eat a crappie raw...that's
    3. Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
      The kicker was they all were still alive. Thanks everyone.
    4. Jim Winpisinger
      awesome crappie catch.
    5. Rich Pardy
      Haha, this might now be my favorite photo of you, surpassing that rambo photo shooting carp with a bow, good stuff brotha and some tank crappie!!
    6. Brian Quisenberry
      Gives new meaning to the term "shore lunch"!!! Lol. Very nice crappie!!!
    7. Jordan Truttschel
      Eye of the tiger!
    8. Candy Koz
      You're an animal!!!
    9. Ed Hesse
      I gotta say I don't think if ever seen a fish held up by the mouth. Way to go!
    10. Eddie Goode
      I say you are the winner of catch of the week with that pic.
    11. Arthur Huttemeyer Sr.
    12. Christopher Pereira
      16+" a pop! not enough hands to hold em? hold em in your mouth! hell yeah! hahah
    13. Tim Steinmetz
      LOL! Gotta love it when the fishing is so good you don't have enough hands to hold them all! Great catch, Artie! Those are some monster crappies!
    14. Pete Lyden
    15. kenny thompson
      Nice crappie!!
    16. Guy McMaster
      nice crappie, fatheads?
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