1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Good morning Lake Martin. First tournament of '15. Been a while since I posted but fishing is in full stride here in Bama!

    1. Cody Palmer 0
      Finished 6 Oz out of the money. Was a tough day. We had 7 bites all day. Caught three on a shakey head and two on a crank bait. Had one fish at 1 o'clock and ...more found a pattern late.
    2. Marcus Lane 0
      Hope u kill it!
    3. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Get 'em!
    4. big_bass 0
      Good luck!
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  2. Some nice fish me and dad caught in a tournament a couple months back. Another top 10 finish

    Spotted Bass

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Non edited. Gorgeous morning running up the river

  4. Details: Spotted Bass

    Tournament from a few weeks ago. Finished second with a little over 16lbs. Made a 40 minute run all the way to the dam to catch them.

    1. Cody Palmer 0
      Thanks guys. I've had a good summer fishing. I've won about 3 grand fishing the past couple months. Should've won yesterday but all our fish died on ...more us. Live wells went haywire
    2. Marcus Lane 0
      Glad you're back!
    3. Smitty 0
      Been a while! Nice haul
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Haven't posted anything for you guys lately, but here's the latest. First bait I've painted in several months. Pearl white, very light chartreuse on ...more the back, grey/blue nose, pink/red throat and some black splatter. A few minor blemishes but the average person would never know! Enjoy!

    1. smiley82 0
      Yes it look very good
    2. Colby Teall 0
      Oh and awesome paint job.
    3. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Looks good
    4. Colby Teall 0
      Good to have u back 👍
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Shadrap

    Haven't posted for you guys much lately but still around! Here's a 7.08 and 4 pounder I caught in our tournament today. Tight Lines!

    1. milo 0
      Follow me on Instagram milesmartin34
    2. Colby Teall 0
      Good to have u back 👍 it's been forever.
    3. Matt Dobson 0
      Nice haul man. Should be warming up for you. Hitting the water?
    4. Cody Palmer 0
      Thanks guys. The water is way down. It's at least 4 ft down but probably more than that. I didn't even look because I'm so use to it being at winter ...more pool lol
    5. Tim Knecht 0
      Nice ones!! Is the water level down extremely low or is that dock just way too tall?
    6. greatness627 0
      Nice going buddy! Good to see you back on the blerts. 👍
    7. Cody Palmer 0
      Man I know.. I haven't painted hardly any with this crazy weather. Been fishing a little but no big fish. Our tournament trail is in swing and weather picking ...more up so I'll be posting more!
    8. Christian Holyoak 0
      It's been so long since you've posted!
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    A RES I finished up for @LivewellHero started with a pearl white base, brown back and stripes, a little black splatter, orange belly and some blue on the nose

    1. Marcus Lane 0
      @zkid09 hey haven't seen u post lately - hope u r well and merry Christmas!
    2. Thomas Gyory 0
      Thats sweet!
    3. Christian Holyoak 0
      Hahaha can't wait to get it back!
    4. Jake Pedersen 0
      that's a sweet color pattern!
    5. mike hicks 0
    6. Ben_Sanford 0
    7. Calvin Fease 0
      WOW! Looks just like those Bluegill with the black parasites! Amazing!
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Another of Pastor Mikes baits from the drawing. He wanted a bluegill so this is what I did! Started with pearl white, brown for the sides, lthen a scale pattern ...more over it with a darker brown on the

    1. Cody Palmer 0
      @opticlures yeah buddy. My email is 72c.palmer@gmail.com easiest way to get me is email me. I have so much going on right now it's unreal holidays have been ...more super busy but check my email daily
    2. opticlures 0
      Hey bro. How can I get in touch with you. I tried Facebook but there's 100 other of your name. Do you have a kik or email?
    3. Cody Palmer 0
      @pastormike I sent them out Monday. You should have them in the next day or so! Shipping was only $5 for with delivery confirmation and insurance so Don't worry ...more about it!
    4. mike hicks 0
      @zkid09 I'm home when ever you get ready to ship those baits and if you need me to pay for shipping I can do that, thanks again for your hard work
    5. Jesse w 0
      another week
    6. Jesse w 0
      sweet thanks @zkid09 I'm almost done with the shaping. just need to put hardware on them and test the action. then ill get a few out to you. of course ill give ...more you one of each if you want. should be
    7. Cody Palmer 0
      @GotEmCustomBaits Heck yeah bud just let me know when and what you want. Probably take a couple to get the feel for a big bait and the detail but believe I could ...more pick it up quick
    8. Jesse w 0
      sick paint job. would you be interested in painting some jointed swimbaits after I get the design down? @zkid09
    9. Tim Knecht 0
      Killer man!! Great work!
    10. Jake Pedersen 0
      that's awesome!
    11. Makz Jaramillo 0
      That bluegill looks legit! Great work @zkid09
    12. Cale Ellingson 0
      You're so talented ! Keep it up!
    13. mike hicks 0
    14. mike hicks 0
      Man man man that thing looooooks bad to the bone, great work I can't wait to get them now!!!!! Thank you so much
    15. Colton Sime 0
      That's awesome
    16. Will Engle 0
      Great work!
    17. Cody Palmer 0
    18. Cody Palmer 0
      Angle. Each picture I take, the color seems to change. It's phenomenal!
    19. bigbass125 0
      Looks amazing
    20. Cody Palmer 0
      Back. Topped that off with a little black splatter and black ear. Finished the Bait with an orange bottom and some blue around the nose. Absolutely gorgeous bait ...more in person. Looks different from every
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    One of Pastor Mikes baits from the drawing. Green/chartreuse with a dark green back. A hint of a scale pattern under the back. Black splatter and an orange belly. ...more Great bait and color!

    1. james5nds 0
      @JWelch six sense are my favorite cranks ... Amazing paint jobs
    2. JWelch 0
      a business and has done well for himself. He now sells them on sites like TackleWarehouse. AMAZING crankbaits, better than LC's in my opinion, especially for ...more the price. Might be worth checking out.
    3. JWelch 0
      Well he started out doing custom pair jobs, started selling them here and there, an before long he was well known to be the best in the business. Selling custom ...more baits for $30 plus. He turned it into
    4. Cody Palmer 0
      @JWelch he sent me a few to paint. Thanks a lot! That name rings a bell but I'll have to check into them.
    5. JWelch 0
      Did you repaint a lure @pastormike sent in or are these just blanks? Kinda looks like a KVD but I can't tell. Awesome paint job man, take it to the next level. ...more Have you ever heard of 6th Sense lures?
    6. mike hicks 0
    7. mike hicks 0
      This thing looks so good I can't wait to fish it!! Again thank you so much and awesome job!!!!
    8. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Looks good!
    9. Cody Palmer 0
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