1. Went out by ourselves and found a hot spot for trout. Caught around 20 total

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      More great info! @wyattezell
    2. Strike_King 0
      Why post this? @wyattezell
    3. wyattezell 0
      Sorry your mad bud
    4. wyattezell 0
      Don't talk when half of your posts are under 10 inches.
    5. Strike_King 0
      Why even post this? That thing is so small @wyattezell
    6. Strike_King 0
      I would call it "Caught one 5 inch trout and think it's a hot spot" spot @wyattezell
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      What would you call it@Strike_King
    8. Strike_King 0
      Wouldn't call that a hot spot @wyattezell
    9. Strike_King 0
      MONSTER @wyattezell
    10. wyattezell 0
      And you are a little fuck 8th grader who thinks he is tough and I would beat your ass in real life
    11. Strike_King 0
      You don't take care of your teeth
    12. Strike_King 0
      Nice braces @wyattezell
    13. wyattezell 0
      Bass is what counts when you've bay fished 3 times
    14. Strike_King 0
      HOLY COW HUGE FISH!!! DEFINITELY KEEPER!!! WHAT A BETTER FISH!!! How 'bout you take a quick look at my trout. It could've eaten that one @wyattezell
    15. Strike_King 0
      Why would you post something so small? @wyattezell
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  2. Details: Brown Trout with a Pheasant tail fly

    Landed my fly in a deep pool and slowly twitched. Only fish of the day

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      Ok bud
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      Wow nice comeback
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      I can barely see any hair on your body... Oh wait your a little bitch who's 10 years old
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      Can barely even see the fish @wyattezell
    5. fish_slay 0
      Hey wyat-Comb-over @wyattezell
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      Great info! @wyattezell
    7. Strike_King 0
      Nice @wyattezell
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      Ok pussy
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      Nice gay comb over and screwed up teeth @wyattezell
    10. wyattezell 0
      Thanks @Strike_King nice bleached hair
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      Nice long arm @wyattezell
    12. wyattezell 0
      I have before, keep telling yourself you get the big ones !
    13. Strike_King 0
      And I'm not talking about that bass. Look in my profile and you'll see a bigger one. And why are you talking about long arms? Look at the picture above @wyattezell
    14. jimmysmithy 0
      I didn't know you were a homosexual @Strike_King, but I guess so
    15. wyattezell 0
      Just cause your gay doesn't mean you should be jelous of people
    16. wyattezell 0
      Do your parents know ?
    17. Strike_King 0
      And by the way you're profile pic is hilarious. You're struggling so hard to hold that small fish. Seems like you need some help @wyattezell
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      Bigger than me? Maybe the way it looks when it's held out a lot @donglicker_king
    19. Strike_King 0
      Why do you keep mentioning the size of my bass because I've caught one that's bigger than you and I actually know how to hold it right. @wyattezell
    20. wyattezell 0
      Hey bud quit being gay ok and just work harder and maybe catch a bigger bass? Does that work ?@Strike_King
    21. Strike_King 0
      Woah!! Ouch! Nice one! Wow you got me good!!! Man I take that to heart. Good roast though! @wyattezell
    22. wyattezell 0
      Why so jealous? You keep looking and talking about my body?? I think you might be a little on the gay side @Strike_King
    23. Strike_King 0
      Why are you so sad and un-optimistic. Cheer up! Don't be so mad and focus on the fact that I've caught a bass that could swallow your scronny body whole. ...more @wyattezell No need. Just cheer up!
    24. wyattezell 0
    25. wyattezell 0
      Gay people say comb over, it's hair... Grow a pair and catch a decent bass. There is no need to be jealous, keep trying champ @ strike_king
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      I'm sorry your a *** bud, a gay comb over isn't gonna make you cooler... @wyattezell
    27. wyattezell 0
      I'm sorry your a fag bud, a visor isn't gonna make you cooler... @Strike_King
    28. Strike_King 0
      Thanks for not extending your arms. And thanks for not covering up the fish with your hands @wyattezell
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      It's that gay hair that you have @wyattezell
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      #your a total fag for hashtaging @Strike_King
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      What is a comb over? Your such a pus @Strike_King
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      #ExtremeCombOver @wyattezell
    33. Strike_King 0
      I've caught bass bigger than you. Check my profile. And thanks for having the gayest comb over @wyattezell
    34. wyattezell 0
      When you catch a bass worth showing then you can talk, ok bud? @Unknown_Beast
    35. Unknown_Beast 0
      Gee thanks for telling me that it's a trout. I couldn't see that @wyattezell
    36. Unknown_Beast 0
      Gee thanks for telling me that it's a trout. I couldn't see that @wyattezel
    37. wyattezell 0
      It's a trout @Unknown_Beast
    38. Unknown_Beast 0
      Long arm @wyattezell
    39. jurssica 0
      Good picture!
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Texas rigged worm

    Castes into a deep pond and slowly reeled out . Caught this 3.3 and three others

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      Great fish @wyattezell
    2. wyattezell 0
      Ok check the date out
    3. Strike_King 0
      You look 3
    4. Strike_King 0
      Yep definitely 15 @wyattezell
    5. wyattezell 0
      Nope I right your wrong...@cody_fuller
    6. Cody Fuller 0
      I think your talking about a different caruth park
    7. wyattezell 0
      Apparently it does @cody_fuller
    8. Cody Fuller 0
      Thats interesting since caruth park doesnt have bass in it...
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  4. Got one off the weeds on a top water frog

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      Bucket mouth @wyattezell
    2. Christian Cisar 0
      nice pic
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  5. Largemouth Bass

    1. wyattezell 0
      Weighed 9lbs 24in
    2. wyattezell 0
      No it's my PB @sampowerss
    3. Jon Evans 0
      bucket mouth! weight?
    4. sampowers 0
      Was that from today
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    1. Andrew Alonzo 0
      nice bass man! Got any info??
  6. Big 9 pounds/24 inches

    Largemouth Bass with a Rattletrap

    1. larry singleton 0
    2. wyattezell 0
      Thanks, you too man @fishineer88
    3. fishineer88 0
      Dang man you can catch some big fish!
    4. Strike_King 0
      LONG ARM @wyattezell
    5. basshunter19 0
      Wow nice fish
    6. Strike_King 0
      My bass was 10 pounds 12 ounces, and 25 inches 4 centimeters. We weighed it and measured it. So don't talk to me about catching bigger fish than me @wyattezell
    7. ThomasJ 0
      But it probably was 10
    8. ThomasJ 0
      Hahaha you changed your info to 10 pounds
    9. ilovegold 0
      Hey u playing this year?
    10. Jake Pelak 0
    11. ThomasJ 0
      I helped
    12. saylor_cline 0
      The color can change. It has the same marks
    13. wyattezell 0
      The color on yours looks really light, mine more dark @saylor_cline
    14. saylor_cline 0
      really looks like it lost weight
    15. wyattezell 0
      Yours looks a lot lighter
    16. saylor_cline 0
      Nice I think that's the same one I caught
    17. wyattezell 0
    18. wyattezell 0
      Thank you for getting da fish on da shore @Thomas_J
    19. garrett weiss 0
      Nice fish
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  7. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    Threw into muddy looking water and found a big group

    1. ThomasJ 0
      Who caught the biggest red
    2. Mason Cizek 0
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Bass fishing in Texas.