1. Details: Other Saltwater with a white jig

    My brother caught this and it's called a Canarie

  2. Details: Chinook/King Salmon with a Roostertail

    25 lbs

    1. GoB GoB 0
      Hell of a fish. Good to know the John day has some big boys in it.
    2. ParkerNW 0
      Great fish! I've never caught one on a rooster tail though.
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  3. Details: Steelhead Trout with a roostertail

    My 2 brothers

  4. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a worm

  5. Details: Green Sunfish with a worm


  6. Details: Other Freshwater

    Caught a frog

    1. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      That's great bait there!
  7. Details: Ling Cod with a jig

    In bandon

    1. GoB GoB 0
      Nice, shout out to the NW. Whoop whoop!
  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a worm

  9. Details: Chinook/King Salmon

    One of the many salmon my dad caught in Alaska

  10. My dad caught this salmon in Alaska! Last year