1. Hook on a piece of candy and casting them into holes on the grass flats! Circle hook action

    Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a Live whitebait

    1. willohbee 0
      haha rly? I mean I guess we take it for granted! It is a paradise here on the west coast Tampa bay and Sarasota areas
    2. rozuna 0
      you guys in Florida are spoiled with good fishing, the rest of us stay jealous haha
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  2. Free lined a live shrimp out into the channel.. Whack! Haha 18" black drum! About 60 degrees out, high tide at 830pm

    Black Drum with a Live shrimp

  3. Keeper! Put the DOA shrimp there to show size

    Sheepshead with a Piece of shrimp

    1. sam_lynch 0
      Nice man. Go look at my last post of my sheepy! Love catching these things! @willohbee
    2. willohbee 0
      Thanks man! @ArturoC3
    3. ArturoC3 0
      Nice fish
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  4. Tiny piece of shrimp on a tiny hook. Caught several like this, just under 12"!

    Sheepshead with a Piece of shrimp

  5. Nice little whiting! -free lined shrimp in about 4 ft of water

    Whiting with a Shrimp

    1. texasfishingkid kid 0
      ok thanks my grandmother loves whiting
    2. willohbee 0
    3. willohbee 0
      I think it was a 3/0
    4. texasfishingkid kid 0
      nice what size hook?
    5. miguel moreno 0
      U bet bud anytime @willohbee
    6. willohbee 0
      Thanks yall @Mason_Cizek @slatwater
    7. miguel moreno 0
      Yeah u can edit it.. wat he said ^^^ @willohbee
    8. Mason Cizek 0
      Click top right corner and click edit blert. Nice fish!
    9. willohbee 0
      Damnit! I thought so! This guy was swearing to me it was a thin black drum haha! So.. How do you edit or delete a blert? @slatwater
    10. miguel moreno 0
      That's not a black drum that's a whiting @willohbee
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  6. Never caught a blue fish before! Long cast with a free lined shrimp and wham! What a fight! This fish almost broke my rod, it was that huge and heavy! Should have ...more kept it..

    Blue Fish with a Live hand-picked shrimp

  7. Free lined shrimp on a 3/0 circle hook, nice black drum!

    Black Drum with a Live hand-picked shrimp

    1. willohbee 0
      Haha yeah them Ol fish lips lol @rozuna
    2. rozuna 0
      nice drum, you can tell it's a female because of the red lipstick she's wearing haha!
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  8. Last night, high tide, free line shrimp on a 3/0 circle hook! Caught a few different things! Including this 13" snapper! Biggest one I've gotten from shore!

    Mangrove Snapper with a Live hand-picked shrimp

    1. Tyrone Smith 0
      Snapper love em
  9. Long cast, let it sit for a sec and boooom! Decent sized snook

    Fat Snook with a Live shrimp

  10. Second one, a little bigger than the first! A moment ago I had a big boy hooked but he flipped off the hook when I was getting him onto land! Damn!

    Fat Snook with a Live shrimp


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