1. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a cut bait and cork

    spotless redfish in Copano bay

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Cut Bait

    Stablewood Springs Bass Fishing

    1. Will McLeroy 0
      alright thanks
    2. robadams 0
      That's where I catch all my bass try a watermelon worm works really good
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  3. Details: Black Drum with a Frozen Shrimp

    Caught at Mud Island in Aransas Bay off Rockport

    1. Will McLeroy 0
      fishing is great, it's probably a far run in the kayak to get there but it's perfect for kayaks when u do @eaglefordking93
    2. Will McLeroy 0
      if u look at a map in between Aransas pass and Rockport, in Aransas bay there's a island of a San Jose island that is considered mud island and there are cuts ...more that u can pole through and the drum
    3. eaglefordking93 0
      Where is mud island? I'm new to fishing rockport. Is it assesible with a kayak?
    4. abigdog4x4 0
      Nice!!! Thank you for posting area and bait. I did good at Pauls Mott
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