1. 18 inch tigers trout caught at teal lake with a couple more and some decent cutts. Started at Ruth lake trail head in high uintas. Camped at Hayden lake and caught ...more a bunch there too. Elated fish every lake we went to. No trails after Ruth lake.

    1. Fishaholic_G23 0
      What lake bro I love ice fishing the most and I want to get into fly fishin @ut_trouthunter13
    2. ut_trouthunter13 0
      @pabucks its in Utah
    3. Steve Toth 0
      What state? Beautiful fish!
    4. jurssica 0
      Such a beautiful fish. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. Details: Smallmouth Bass

    Hitting the Texas rigged worm along the bottom. Had a lot of trout and bass biting. But missed A LOT!!!!

  3. Details: Brook Trout

    Awesome fishin for brooks up Clyde lake in the uintas! Can't wait to get up again!

    1. MusicCityBass 0
      Gorgeous brookie
  4. Details: Coastal Cutthroat Trout with a Green and sparkly twirly Tail with glow 1/8oz jig head

    Throwback to exactly one year ago ice fishing da berry in April! Slayed the fish on 30+" of ice!!!! Can't wait to do that again!

    1. ut_trouthunter13 0
      Hahahaha @Jungleexplorer
  5. I have barely caught any bass fishing holmes and kaysville. I was wondering if I could get any help fishing those to ponds..

    1. stevieboyy_7 0
      Yeah I had a pretty big bass on and it broke my line real quick you have to be careful @jaxy_11 @JMrock7
    2. iLikeFishing 0
      Spinnerbaits , goofy rigs , and Texas rigs work great in the ponds i fish
    3. JMrock7 0
    4. JMrock7 0
      you get hacked @UtahBass ?
    5. ut_trouthunter13 0
      Ya! Thanks everybody!
    6. jake calkin 0
    7. jaxy_11 0
      Your really have to be prepared for the bass in kaysville bond. I had a 35 incher on my hook but it almost got away cuz I didn't set my drag up right. So always ...more be watching your line @JMrock7
    8. JMrock7 0
      and look for ewg which means extra wide gap
    9. JMrock7 0
      not off shank, offset
    10. JMrock7 0
      oh yeah forgot to mention to get off shank worm hooks, they will give you a better hook-up rate
    11. JMrock7 0
      @jonholbrook has caught bass there using a Texas rig on a senko with a 3/0 hook and a 1/8 oz. bullet weight
    12. ut_trouthunter13 0
      Know anything about kaysville hitting it tomorrow!
    13. ut_trouthunter13 0
      Ok thanks @JMrock7
    14. JMrock7 0
      shore line. @utahbass and @jonholbrook know a lot of technique and might have more to add to this.
    15. JMrock7 0
      where any objects like trees or bushes are and if you don't get a bite as the bait hits the water, do a few twitches. Also as fall approaches try throwing frogs ...more and spinerbaits along the northern
    16. JMrock7 0
      weightless Texas rig, or a wacky rig. Its best if you have a float tube or pontoon, and with it I would fish the mid eastern shoreline (where it goes to a point) ...more and the western shoreline. Just cast
    17. JMrock7 0
      Pretty soon here in Holmes creek when the water begins to warm a bit, the bass will spawn. During this time, they really like senkos. Try using a watermelon or pumpkin ...more color on a 3/0 hook, with a
    18. Bass Angler 0
      Kent & Sussex County
    19. ut_trouthunter13 0
      Where were u guys? @BassAnglerPro
    20. Bass Angler 0
      Well my team was out last Monday, we stuck with plastics only. Caught in total 42 bass. So the baits we used were all soft plastics they were Lizards with the head ...more cut off and put on a skirtless jig
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  6. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a Orange jig tipped with meal work and shrimp

    Beautiful bow!!! Slayin em at da berry!

  7. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a Orange ice cutr, orange 1/8 oz jig head, tipped with Neal worm and shrimp

    Been slaying the fish at da berry lately! Lot of ice! Lot of snow! Caught a whole bunch, and a couple nice biws like this too! All fish about 19 inches except three ...more cutts!!!!

  8. Details: Black Crappie with a Glow/green ratfinkees or glow rays is tipped with wax worm on bottom! Fishing is hot at night slow In day!

    1. jonholbrook 0
      I was up there yesterday
  9. Details: Coastal Cutthroat Trout with a Glow ice cutr tipped with meal worm

    Got close to 70 between four people in a couple hours! No fish in keeper sizes.... But all about 18 inches! I've is solid! This was the biggest at 21 inches... ...more Just for u who don't know there is a slot on strawberry... 3 cutts under 15 inches and one cutt over 22 inches or any bow or like up to 4

  10. Details: Green Sunfish with a Worm

    Caught this perty sunfish at Adams reservoir, also caught a bunch of carp, bluegill , and bass, but no pics, sorry.

    1. jake calkin 0
      Cool I just fished maybe pond and caught 3 nice ones, biggest was about 5 lbs. it's a nice little pond you should go check it out! @ut_trouthunter13
    2. ut_trouthunter13 0
      My fiends did and he won't tell me I think a work on the bottom. @UtahBass
    3. jake calkin 0
      What did you catch that 24 on?
    4. ut_trouthunter13 0
    5. ut_trouthunter13 0
      I meant 24 but ya pretty big
    6. jake calkin 0
      Oh nvm, dude if it was really 26" that would be huge that's 1" below state record!
    7. jake calkin 0
      Holy crap 26"?? Did you get a pic of it
    8. ut_trouthunter13 0
      I don't know the weight, but from 12 to 26 inch bass @UtahBass
    9. ut_trouthunter13 0
      Against the law here in utah @spankdaddy36
    10. jake calkin 0
      How big were the bass you were catching??
    11. spankdaddy36 0
      Great bait!
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