1. Fishing for crappies and this bonus walleye decides to hit my mustache worm on my 29” no8 snitch quick tip. First walleye through the ice! Tight lines!

    Walleye with a 1/64oz tungsten jig with red mustache worm

    1. topwater_beast Woop 0
    2. Buddy Pierce 0
      Beautiful fish.
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  2. Slowly dragging off the bottom and these guys were hammering the moxies!

    Walleye with a 3/16oz jig with 3in purp/chart moxie

  3. Details: Walleye

    everyone that knows me knows shadow raps are my go too lures for eyes throughout spring-fall.. buddy of mine caught a smallie so I decided to throw it about 5ft ...more away from me in a ripple to see if a smallie was sitting there and she hits this after 2 jerks on the pause. in 3ft of water.. tight lines!

    1. Paul Lukas 0
      Nice !
    2. Ben Ruley 0
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  4. my daughter's crappie.. read previous blert

    1. topwater_beast Woop 0
      thanks! @MrsBankfisher
    2. MrsBankfisher 0
      Awesome, yes, girls do rule little sweetie! Good job!
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  5. Details: Black Crappie

    it's been awhile since I posted so here ya go! caught about 30 of these with my daughter on a nice sunny day, next to a fallen tree.. 61° calm in 7 1/2 ...more of water. bobber fishing with lure about a foot from bobber..tight lines! yes I was using my ice fishing plastics and jigs lol..

  6. Details: Yellow Perch

    nice day today! 21° 6mph winds. great day to hole hop and didn't even need a coat! hour before sunset the perch moved in and we were getting them back to ...more back.. caught about 50 total between 2 other people within 2 hours of a great bite. tight lines! oh and didn't use a flasher to tech a kid u don't need it

    1. DaPikeKilla 0
      So buttery
    2. topwater_beast Woop 0
      come fish I catch u dinner haha @Bruley
    3. Ben Ruley 0
      Oh you are missing out!
    4. topwater_beast Woop 0
      gave it to my aunt. I don't eat fish lol @Bruley
    5. Ben Ruley 0
      Nice color Good dinner
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  7. Details: Bluegill Sunfish

    buddy brought me to a place to get on some panfish in 6 FOW. Sight fishing for these guys were awesome! no need for flasher due to fishing shallow. -3 windy evening ...more bite.

  8. Details: Black Crappie

    all that right there are crappies! reason why i caught so many and every hole was lit just like this one.. read previous blert.. amd if you know me i dont like live ...more bait and satisfied with this lure..

    1. michael michael 0
      Oh ok
    2. topwater_beast Woop 0
      that is all fish from 32ft up to 26.5 lol @Slightchop
    3. michael michael 0
      All I see is a colored rainbow. Where are the fish?
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  9. Details: Black Crappie

    slab raps. what can i tell ya. great lures!! went out on new years day and these were all i had to use and nothing else so that way only thing im switching are colors. ...more over 50 crappies just on the UV pink alone. 26° nice cloudy day hole hopping. dropping lure about 2ft over them and watch them chase up to it. oh and they have no rattles unlike the rippin raps but ya awesome lures!! tight lines!

  10. Details: Yellow Perch

    testing out the ice house my boss gave me.. jason mitchell elite series 1 man flip over thermal.. i like it! warms up super fast! caught few baby perch and crappies ...more without a flasher.. not bad in 9-32 FOW tight lines!

    1. topwater_beast Woop 0
      haha! @gschons
    2. gschons 0
      Ice fishing like a pro!
    3. zackattack11 0
      Nice ya I'm still a little cautious of hitting the deep lakes I figure after this week it'll be good maybe I'll check it out Thursday I was looking for ...more a shallow lake with good fish in the area
    4. topwater_beast Woop 0
      ive caight some nice slabsm. even has a decemt amount of white crappies.. nice sunnies amd walleyes @zackattack11 shallow too
    5. zackattack11 0
      No I haven't but that isn't all that far from me
    6. topwater_beast Woop 0
      @zackattack11 u ever been to martin lake in wyoming,mn?
    7. topwater_beast Woop 0
      no problem, good luck! @AndyM
    8. Andy M. 0
      @topwater_beast thanks for the advice bud and tight lines!!
    9. topwater_beast Woop 0
      im comfortable with 6in
    10. topwater_beast Woop 0
      4in is safe ice but not all areas of the lake are same.. this day there were 4-7in @AndyM
    11. Andy M. 0
      @topwater_beast how thick does the ice have to be for you to fish on it. I'm in Ohio thinking about trying it
    12. topwater_beast Woop 0
      yup yup no problem. i will see u out on the waters one day haha @zackattack11
    13. zackattack11 0
      Cool man thanks for the tip
    14. topwater_beast Woop 0
    15. topwater_beast Woop 0
      by my house taft park.. buddies of mines were catchin eyes at white bear in 28 FOW
    16. zackattack11 0
      Where you fishing at hoping to hit white bear Friday hoping the ice is good enough
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fish all year long from open waters to hard waters. tight lines!!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species walleyes, smallmouth and crappies
  • Waterway Mississippi River pool 2/ minnehaha creek
  • Lure shadow rap, rippin rap, slab rap, mimic minnow and whopper plopper