1. Details: Portage river

    From access off of 163 to mouth of river in Port Clinton, Largemouth can be caught all through

  2. Details: Weedline shelf

    Come around big curve and flat runs maybe 20' out then drops caught many bass along shore brush and at the drop. Water is always gin clear so fish early or ...more late fish shutdown when sun gets up. For you NASCAR fans you can hear races being called at M.I.S if your into that less than 1 mile away

  3. Clear Fork res, while not being a big body of water at all; is blessed in that it supports an excellent Musky population as while as fantastic Largemouth fishery. ...more Believe alot has to due with the 3 natural spring holes on North shore. Ensuring plentiful O2 in the lake and a retreat during summer from rising lake water temps. Please do your part to help protect Clear fork and our orherddd

  4. Hi to all and Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year as well. I just wanted to throw a thought for any last minute shoppers, The iBobber or iBobber Pulse or excellent ...more gift ideas and at $99 and $120 respectively a great buy. I use one with my Eagle unit on my boat and it works great. Best Wishes to all

  5. Details: Knox lake

    Knox lake is a fairly shallow lake with a main creek channel that has Lots of vegetation , Lily padsand high population of Largemouth Bass.The Ohio DNR has managed ...more the lake as a potentional trophy Bass fishery; there has been a slot limit in place for several years. Bass must be atleast 18" or under 12" to harvest for those who desire to do so.There is a 10hp limit on the lake, larger motors are allowed at idle speed. In addition to Bass Knox has a good Crappie and catfish population. In past years knox was ranked among the top in Ohio for Largemouth Bass fishing. While not a big lake it is definately one well worth taking a day to check out what it has to offer.

    1. Douglas Ward 0
      I was just reading about Knox yesterday... I really want to go out there.
  6. Awesome Thanks a lot Will, if I can return the favor just name it. Do my best to answer any questions. Caught my personal best this spring at Clear fork res. 8lb ...more 3oz, on a rc-etc suspended jerkbait. Would seriously like to go down to Alum this spring. Maybe chase some Smallmouth and Largemouth 4 sure. Thanks again Tim

  7. Details: Attwood boat launch

    Boat Ramp

  8. Eddie, I'm TIM I live E. of Mansfield, have read a number of your comments. I was adding some waterways to my account and seen you have a post on Attwood lake. ...more I was there once long time ago, but before had my bass boat. So is the bass fishing decent?

    1. Eddie Goode 0
      Tim I just sent you a email. Thanks for reaching out.
    2. Tim Swartz 0
      Eddie if you don't mind, that would be great. email is : popz1967@gmail.com Thank you
    3. Eddie Goode 0
      Tim yes it has been years since I have been on the lake. I have some brush piles on it. If u want to email I will send you some way points. eddie@fishidy.com
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  9. Hey Jon I had just been looking at some the new improvements made by Drew and The IT Tech. group, excellent by the way. Was sitting here thinking, have seen a lot ...more of new members; who are also new to angling. Would really be helpful to some of these folks, if there was somewhere they could go on fishidy and there was General information about the best type of equipment and baits to use for whichever species they wish to target. Rather than waiting for them to come out and ask(lets face it, some are too shy or too proud to ask for help) But I thought I might toss that over to you to kick around as a possibility. Fishlidy is a great site and seeing it grow.Thank for considering the benefit, Thanks Tim

    1. Tim Swartz 0
      Great Jon, thanks for quick response, I just happened to see an unusual number of new anglers and got to think ing about it, so... But thank you for considering ...more the idea, Fishidy is an Awesome site/ Group and the constant updates and improvements are a big part of the appeal. Thanks Tim Happy Holidays
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Hi Tim, thanks for the suggestion! We hope the updated fishing forecaster helps to some degree with this, as you know techniques and lures/baits for certain species ...more can all be relative to a certain location, and that's where we really hope to help people out. I'll pass this along to our team and see if there are any other general things we can add to Fishidy to help new anglers out even more. Thanks again!
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
      There is also a lot of businesses joining like Amazon peacock adventures and bonafide charters
    4. Noah Shapiro 0
      Great idea!
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  10. Details: Dangerous gravel bar less than 1' deep

    No markings Hazardous

    1. Andrew Kane 0
      They took the buoys out?


I am 49 years old, married have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren. I have been 'hooked on fishing' since the very first time I went. I was ...more 7 yrs. old an out fishing with my step dad and my mom, they were trolling for Northern Pike in upper Michigan. I had my Zebco and wham my rod doubled over, my step dad (an former Marine) yelled reel it in. Next thing I know I got a pale green Smallmouth about 16"in. From that minute on, I have loved the sport. I recently bought our 3rd boat and my 1st Bass Boat. I am on Disability due to a number of injuries I suffered over the years Fishing is about the only recreational activity I can do and enjoy.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Large n Smallmouth Bass, Walleye
  • Waterway Lake Erie,Pleasant hill lake Clear Fork res., Indian Lak3
  • Lure Spinnerbait,Crankbaits and Suspending Jerkbaits