1. Just using a small grub and jig head

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  2. Same as last Blert

    1. Sutton Dole 0
      Is that Cody in the backround
  3. This huge gar I found!!! It's around 5 feet in leghnt and was fillet like someone took the meet

  4. When I brought in a huge catfish on my micro rod!

    1. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 02, 2014!
    2. thomasgreens1 0
      No i video taped it on my phone and so I just screen shoted it @shrekislove
    3. shrekislove 0
    4. thomasgreens1 0
      Abu Garcia @flybob
    5. dillon juarez 0
      What brand is that rod
    6. thomasgreens1 0
      Finally!!! @mossy_oak
    7. mossy_oak 0
      Fine I'll man up and stop
    8. thomasgreens1 0
    9. thomasgreens1 0
      Shut the fuckk up get off my picture then you piece of shitt
    10. mossy_oak 0
      You'd don't give up do you can't you just drop it
    11. thomasgreens1 0
      You cussed me out first!!! You annoying little fuckk @mossy_oak
    12. mossy_oak 0
      Yo all I want to do is post pics of fish not to mouth off at people jezz I've have no clue what I did to tick you off
    13. thomasgreens1 0
      Some people need to get knocked the Fuckkk out @sutton_dole expecaily people like @mossy_oak
    14. thomasgreens1 0
      Hey what's upy nigga? @sutton_dole
    15. thomasgreens1 0
      You would delete your comments you little biatch?
    16. Sutton Dole 0
      Hey Thomas
    17. thomasgreens1 0
      Stop talking to me annoying kid @mossy_oak
    18. thomasgreens1 0
      @MullettHead this guy needs to go he's cussing me out for no reason!
    19. thomasgreens1 0
      @mullethead this guy needs to go
    20. mossy_oak 0
      Well stop talking to me you faggot and don't comment shit on my pics
    21. thomasgreens1 0
      Your pretty annoying @mossy_oak
    22. mossy_oak 0
      Well let's c a pic and jezz your pretty rude dude
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      Welcome to FishingScout
    2. ausumryleerocks 0
      Nice painter
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    1. jacobw 0
      way to spell raping wrong retard, and if you don't want people to say anything, then post a freaking fish
    2. thomasgreens1 0
      Go back to rapeing your dog you sick queer @jacobw
    3. thomasgreens1 0
      I know fagface @jacobw
    4. jacobw 0
      That has a lot to do with fishing
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