1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    04/10/16 I've been fishin other places lately. Places I haven't been to or that I haven't been to in awhile. I got bored of horsepen and questioned ...more whether I could catch fish anywhere else LOL. Well I guess I can! Not a big one and caught 2 other smaller ones on a new rig. Not too sure it's a spotted though, but if it is and it's the dominant bass there, then a different tactic is required.

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      Hopefully I will too!
    2. thedevman1 0
      @seaturtles yeah I figured. One day I'll catch a spot!
    3. Sean Wilms 0
      Thats a largie, just a pretty one
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  2. Details: Channel Catfish

    Saturday 03/1916 Early evening, winds 10-18 MPH. Partly sunny 64• . Foul hooked this cat working out my mad lipless crank skills lol. 4.12 lber. He batted at it ...more up close and paid for it. Not ONE bass all day and the foul hooking may mean inactivity. They may be spawning Now or the cold front knocked em down. Not likely, just a rough day and water getting worse. I fought this for about 2 mins FUN

    1. Sean Wilms 0
      Nice one!
  3. Details: American Shad

    Saturday 03/19/16 winds 10-17 mph partly cloudy 65• best catch of the day even foul hooked. Why? Well, I'm working on my lipless crank technique and doing better, ...more but mostly because of the size of the shiner/shad the likelihood of big bass in this spot is not good. This guy is too big and got that way for a reason. No predator and know where he's safe. Move on when you get Em this big.

    1. Nathan Morgan 0
      If you spot a huge Shiner that size in there I'd definitely run from that spot! 😭
    2. thedevman1 0
      @Mason_Cizek @seaturtles I respect that opinion but it's not mine. I know this area and usually where they get like this it's not productive in colder water.
    3. Mason Cizek 0
      In common, huge gizzard shad. Its huge forage for huge fish. Also go to California, where the bass eat massive trout. Also the majority of Texas lakes which produce ...more big fish have big shad in them.
    4. Mason Cizek 0
      I agree with @seaturtles on this one. Look at some of the most productive lakes around the country. Pickwick, Dale Hollow, Guntersville, and Chickamuagua. All huge ...more fish producers. One thing they have
    5. Sean Wilms 0
      Of food around as well other then Shad. But that's just what I've observed. Shad are also migratory so the big ones are likely coming from other areas
    6. Sean Wilms 0
      I have to disagree with you there. One of my most productive spots has huge Shad like that around. Those big Shad die off and provide food for all fish even bass. ...more Plus there are usually other sources
    7. Laine Dillard 0
      Real damage to the forage fish but getting the river some good press
    8. Laine Dillard 0
      That's kinda like my home river has shad not in any big numbers but the only thing that the fish have is sunfish and skipjack to eat but we are having a problem ...more with flatheads in the system now doing
    9. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Good read. That is a tank of a shad
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Late afternoon sunny and 72• winds about 6-10 mph SW and the water as you can see was mud; but managed this 2.50 2nd cast after changing to the jig. The 2nd pic ...more is the exact direction I pitched to. Into the less muddy drag N Pop. I gotta say though this has been too much work there lately. 6 hours 1 bite 1 fish. With the high winds and no weeds to filter the water, this place is wrecked right now

    1. Makz Jaramillo 0
      Saw a guy on Facebook saying he saw people at go forth putting big bass on a stronger and when the guy remarked that those people shouldn't be keeping bass they ...more laughed at him and walked away.
  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Caught this lil 2 lber just before the 2.77. Not really about the fish but to show one of the rigs I use in windy, low light or even night fishing to make noise. ...more I wasn't catching a thing, the sun was going down quick. Had to think fast and decided to go heavy. 5 casts or so later this one hit close to shore. Cast long lateral and out. Reel quick and when you hit structure; stop, wait 3secs RPT

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass

    From sat. 2/20/16. Sunset partly cloudy. 76• winds & water dirty. 10-15 ssw. 2.77 lbs. Wind is your friend but you still have to use the best tactic in dirty ...more water. After catching smaller fish recently; I really catch bigger fish with bigger baits and weights in these conditions. Just like us fish hear less in the wind and see less in dirty H2o. And add clouds & low you'll need to make some noise!

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass

    2 bites all day and 1 nice 3.52 lb fish. Late afternoon 50• winds 1-3 mph & Overcast. If you aren't out fishing this stuff you are missing out on BIG fish! ...more Water was mud again and 2 things we all hate...Cold and muddy water, but ya gotta try! Fish will be shallow on days like this but as we enter the pre spawn fish are inactive so patience and dedication are key. Big noisy baits dark colors GO!

    1. thedevman1 0
      @Bassman138 was
    2. thedevman1 0
      @Bassman138 thanks man. And roger that. Best time of the year for pigs! Thanks for your service. I wa 10th mountain infantry in another life
    3. Bassman138 0
      great info. love fishing jigs this time of year
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Fish #2 a nice little 2 plus 51• winds 3-5 mph NNE. Cold and cloudy. The water... I've never seen it like this here but it was like coffee with creamer! The ...more big ones are out there but most likely deep. And with the low vis, slow is the key. The football jig shines in the winter just make sure you're casting lateral and letting it sit for a minute. Drag across the bottom and hit every rock.

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Thanksgiving day. Water color cloudy. Winds were crazy and it was warm and overcast. This was caught before the 3 plus and I was surprised it weighed 2.44lbs. Long ...more cast lateral away from the wind and about 10-15 feet out. Let it fall and then pull it back banging the rocks and pausing at medium retrieve. Pause and shake the rattles;they like a cadence so repeat the same shakes and get a rythm

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass

    From thanksgiving day. 78• winds 15-20 mph overcast and muggy. 3.24lbs. Only 1 of 4 fish that day and the biggest. The pattern was hard to find but you have to just ...more keep at it and with cloudy weather and water stick with black and heavy for the bigger fish when it's windy. I could have caught more by going with 1/2 oz football jig but as always I'm targeting bigger fish. Jogging takes patience


The 3 P's Planning, Patience & Persistence! That's all there is to fishin. My best tactic? Fish Alone whenever possible The only exception is ...more my wife 😉