1. Caught limit within three hours every time!

    Lake Whitefish with a veritcal jig

    1. Dave st Hilaire 0
      I live on lake Champlain in Vermont and have yet to catch whitefish. Can you give me clue on how and what you use to catch them. Thanks
  2. Caught limit within 3 hours

    Lake Whitefish with a rapala vertical jiggs

    1. Brody Brody 0
      That's crazy! I'm in Green Bay and I'm lucky if I leave with 10!
    2. BKP 0
      nice haul
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  3. Details: Other Freshwater

    Caught this chub while fishing for salmon

    1. 9G3B 0
      It's crazy he got hooked it looks like he was the bait haha
  4. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a worm

    My nephew caught over 25 in about 30 minutes!

    1. Jacob Breaux 0
      He's hooked for good now!
  5. Details: Channel Catfish with a chicken liver

    16 in two hours!

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a top water frog n wacky lure

    Calm weather caught a 16", 18" & 19" last nite. Good trip!

    1. GTeam 0
  7. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a wacky worm


    1. Yank313 0
  8. Details: Smallmouth Bass


  9. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a wacky worm

    Caught 18"&20" tonite.

    1. Yank313 0
    2. Bigredneck 0
      Nice catch!
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