1. Details: Gulf Flounder

    On a rainy day ! Bouncing the gulp on the bottom towards the rocks and pile ons .. Caught a few dinks than the 15" .. It would rain on and off spent a good ...more while under the covered pier than when the rain would stop I'd keep it moving that's when I got the 18"

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      Ok thanks
    2. teachbabyjay2fish 0
      @hot1075 I caught them at the Baytown nature center bud
    3. hot1075 0
      Where you caught them nice catch
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  2. Fished Sea wolf for the first time and caught my first Smack at 17" and this nice 16" flounder .. Along with 4 dinks , would cast into the current and ...more bounce it off the bottom

    Spanish Mackerel

  3. Details: Gulf Flounder

    The 18" and my son

  4. Details: Gulf Flounder

    Went out for a few hours and caught 5 flounder this morning , a 12" , a 13" and an 18" the other two flopped of as I was unhooking them so they didn't ...more get measured , smaller ones anyway . I got to experience the saying about smaller flounder stealing the bait before the bigger ones do , after a quick release I casted in the same spot and bam caught the 18, I also broke in the new blue max .

  5. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Gulp Alive & 1/8 ounce H20 express saltwater jighead

    Slow day , As I approached another pier along the left side I noticed some finger mullet regrouping and then seen bomb of mud fling up and watch as he darted towards ...more them again. 1st cast past him jigged it right in the middle of the school and he snatched it. Set the hook , as I brought him up on the pier he slung out 4 finger mullet on the pier the guys next to me picked em up for bait. My pb 18"

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      @ReelFishnTx thanks bud
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      @Lon85 Baytown Nature Center pier on left
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      Nice! @teachbabyjay2fish
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      Nice info! What pier do you fish at? If you don't mind me asking
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  6. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Gulp alive , 1/8 ounce h20 jig heads

    Out of 9 caught between my wife and I yesterday we managed to each find a keeper , pitching the baits near pile ons and working it against the current, most of the ...more flounder seem as if to just bite and hold the bait longer than usual , patience was really the key to getting a good hook set , it was cool meeting a fellow scouter out on the banks @95t

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      I know what u mean about the bite & hold experienced that too yesterday
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      @ReelGame thanks bud
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      nice flounders
    4. Mark B. 0
      Will do!
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      @Mark_B no problem bud , I've heard nice things about pine gully park , I haven't tried it yet , but if you get there before me let me know how it goes
    6. Mark B. 0
      Im gonna hop in my truck this weekend and go do some searching. Tight lines guys! I'm hungry for flounder!
    7. Mark B. 0
      Thanks for the info @teachbabyjay2fish I appreciate it. I'm actually pretty good with soft plastics and have used them with success for many years. I just want ...more to know where "Baytown Ponds" are at.
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      All over 146 and la Porte are great places look for structure and marsh drains and marsh grass , flounder don't move a lot you have to go to them and find them ...more , @Mark_B
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      Right now they are every where saltwater is , it's the easiest time to catch the
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      @Mark_B check out this vid http://youtu.be/0jPixqDPhPw , I just bearly started using plastics and developing my skill this was the first couple trips I've ever ...more caught flounder my whole life ,
    11. Rafael Flores 0
      I'm with @Mark_B
    12. Mark B. 0
      I ask because I live in Pasadena and would love to find a place closer to me to catch some flatfish without having to drive all the way to Galveston. Thanks.
    13. Mark B. 0
      I see a lot of guys catching flounder at "Baytown Ponds". I know most fisherman don't like to give away the locations of their honey holes, but where ...more in Baytown are the Baytown ponds?
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      Yes sir! @teachbabyjay2fish
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      Good luck bud , you'll be in Baytown area ? @txfisherman713
    16. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Good haul! Il be out there here n a bit
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  7. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Gulp shrimp 3"

    Flipping towards structure , dragging across the bottom occasional twitch , caught a total of 7 , biggest was 13 3/4. Water was sandy green , extremely windy , gulp ...more was slammed hard .

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      Will do sir @RafaelF
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      kool will do thanks for info and hmu if you ever need a fishing partner
    3. teachbabyjay2fish 0
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      It's a fishing group check it out they fish All over Galveston , Baytown , kemah , sea brook , post pics and vids of their catches and how and where , pretty ...more sick tons of people on there check it out
    5. Rafael Flores 0
    6. Rafael Flores 0
      nah bro I haven't @teachbabyjay2fish what's up with that?
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      Sweet thanks , @RafaelF if you have a Facebook they have this Galveston Saltwater Fishing Group have you heard of it ?
    8. Rafael Flores 0
    9. Rafael Flores 0
      awesome thanks for the info lots of ppl don't share.if you ever need any info on any spots on my blerts you might want to now HMU and u got you.
    10. teachbabyjay2fish 0
      The whole park produces I've caught them all over , you really have to work for them sometimes , in those waters there's a hatchery for saltwater fish somewhere ...more near by , they have 4 piers . @RafaelF
    11. Rafael Flores 0
      thanks bro.and just to the left of the park or where do you fish if you don't mind answering @teachbabyjay2fish
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    13. teachbabyjay2fish 0
      Baytown Nature Center
    14. Rafael Flores 0
      word.where in Baytown do you fish. I see lots of people post saying Baytown pond where are these ponds are?
    15. teachbabyjay2fish 0
      @RafaelF yes but it'll keep the flounder here for generations to come,so the in the future another angler will enjoy the beauty of the flat fish
    16. Rafael Flores 0
      nice catch. to bad limit change to two this month.
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