1. Details: Bonita

    Catch gear in the Bait Description. Keep in mind that I'm a size 9 1/2, and boy that bonita was making the Drag Scream, hahaha (: Weather: very Cloudy / medium ...more Humidity / High Tide / Around 11:00am - 2:00pm

    1. Dylan02 0
      Oh okay never saw one before
    2. TazmanianChris 0
      @Dylan02 Its a Spotted Bay Bass
    3. Dylan02 0
      What's the bottom one?
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  2. Just got this baby in the mail, gonna test it at the pier tomorrow to see if i can get any bonita or other fish on it

    1. Conner Mahan 0
      how much thought it was an lc before I took a closer look let me know how it does
  3. Species wasn't listed, but its called an Opaleye due to the eyes, one of my favorite fish to catch because they are little fighters and good to eat, theres no ...more size limit to this but i let him go to get bigger and hopefully catch him another day.

      @bassinboy01 new species
    2. cubedakid 0
      @TazmanianChris yes imma have to when I make that trip I'll hit you up
    3. TazmanianChris 0
      Haha, come to san diego, and fish at shelter island pier, best one throughout San Diego in my opinion @cubedakid
    4. cubedakid 0
      I'm out by sac...I'm from Florida tho...and in need kid some salt water fishing lol @TazmanianChris
    5. TazmanianChris 0
      San diego, how bout yourself? @cubedakid
    6. cubedakid 0
      @TazmanianChris where at in Cali are you
    7. The Jungle Explorer 0
      Perfect eating size.
    8. Cadenbrugger 0
      They bug there every where and are always trying to eat my bait and are never big enough to take it
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  4. Details: Bonita

    Basically free-lined it with no weight other than the mini splitshot to get some distance, and since bonita are active where i am, you can see the Bonita come up ...more from the bottom and strike the school of minnows, and basically what i did was i waited for the school to appear then i would cast into the school.

      That is actually a frigate mackerel even though they are also called bonito
  5. Details: Shovelnose Guitarfish

    Setup in description, Weather: Partly Cloudy and sunny / Slow Wind / low humidity / High Tide / around 8:00-9:00am

    1. Jackson Roberts 0
      Cool catch
  6. Details: Spotted Bay Bass

    Caught a 14 in. Spotted bass along the edge of an eel grass patch. Gear is in the bait description, it was high tide, slightly breezy, and it was sunny

    1. TazmanianChris 0
      Thanks! Im liking this app so far (: @jurssica
    2. jurssica 0
      Cool fish. Welcome to fishing crew!
    3. TazmanianChris 0
      Awesome, thanks for the clarification, changed it the correct one (: @tacticalscissors
    4. tacticalscissors 0
      It's called a spotted bay bass @Anieto
    5. TazmanianChris 0
      No its not, calicco bass are yellowish/goldish with white patterns
    6. Anieto 0
      That's a calico bass
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Ive been fishing since i was 4 years old, im not an extreme angler either, i like pier fishing out of anything, but im always open to try different ...more things. To make it more of a challenge to myself, i pinch down any barbs on my hook (x