1. Round 2 for Florida. Those in the way on east cost stay safe

    1. _hbomb_1201_ 0
      Stay safe guys
    2. tampafish 0
      Stay safe where on the coast
    3. Angler09 0
      I'm in the east coast
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  2. Who wants to go fishing lol

    1. Noah Seeley 0
      Ya but very rainy and windy
    2. tampafish 0
      It should be pretty weak now though right @Noahseeley
    3. Noah Seeley 0
      It's about to hit me in long island
    4. Inshore King 0
      Yah people were paddle boarding in the streets though so that was pretty funny
    5. tampafish 0
      I heard that got hit pretty good and the beach is all messed up down there too. We got flooding but not too bad @InshoreKing
    6. Inshore King 0
      Yah I'm down by Indian rocks beach
    7. tampafish 0
      Nice I got the 5 day weekend to. Did you guys flood where you are @InshoreKing
    8. Inshore King 0
      Plus Labor Day
    9. Inshore King 0
      Haha we had to move up to higher grounds where I live but at least I had no school for 2 days and now it's the weekend 5 day weekend woohoo
    10. tampafish 0
      Haha I will it pretty much passed but round two is coming at 3 AM @slightchop
    11. michael michael 0
      I'm in as long as you pull me skiing behind the kayak right towards itπŸ˜‚ stay safe
    12. Matthew_L 0
      I'm glad I'm in Michigan now! Back Saturday, just in time for the post storm fish fest!
    13. tampafish 0
      No it's going to flood we knew but we aren't too worried it's just a lot of rain. I'm going to have to kayak to school tomorrow
    14. Drew72 0
      Sorry to hear that. You heading for higher ground?
    15. tampafish 0
      Ya we have a 3.12ft high tide at 2:53 so flooding is going to be severe @Drew72
    16. Drew72 0
      Stay safe. Looks like Hermine is going to spit and rattle windows out there.
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  3. Details: Alligator Gar

    My friend handfished this far in a saltwater marina. I am not sure what type of far it is

  4. Details: Lizard Fish

    Was in Australia didn't get to go on a charter but rented a rod and caught this

  5. Details: Tiger Muskie

    Just casting for fun and this nice little guy came up and nailed it

  6. Nice cobia caught under boat. Funny thing is that I wasn't supposed to be fishing

    Cobia (Ling)

    1. tampafish 0
      I'm volunteering at a fishing camp so I wasn't supposed to be fishing but guy who runs camp was ok with it @fish_inator
    2. fish_inator 0
      Why you not supposed to be fishing? @tampafish
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  7. Details: Yellowtail Snapper

    Exams are this week and wasn't feeling well and decided not to risk getting worse and didn't go out. Of course I'm regretting it now. A couple miles ...more offshore mixed bag of yellow tail, mango, and much more. My dad and a couple others catch

    1. tampafish 0
      Fishing in 50-60 fow
  8. Was going to go offshore and then noticed this

  9. Details: Fat Snook

    Nice snook caught at TYCC from kayak

    1. tampafish 0
      Thanks @pepper222 maybe if you vacation in south Florida you can catch one its not hard just needed the right bait
    2. pepper222 0
      Nice fish wish I had that on the end of my lineπŸ‘πŸ»
    3. tampafish 0
      Pilchards @masters
    4. masters 0
      Nice catch! What bait? @tampafish
    5. tampafish 0
      Thanks @UknownBeast
    6. UknownBeast 0
      Nice snook! Beautiful fish @tampafish
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  10. Went out early today for a tournament and got three hours of fishing in. When we came back weather got very bad and this boat capsizes in the harbor, and there was ...more a man in it. Thankfully he is ok but cut up a bit. Goes to show how crazy things get in the bay

    1. tampafish 0
      Ya there are plenty of good spots within 15 minutes for snook trout reds snapper etc. @fish_inator
    2. fish_inator 0
      @tampafish any good fishing spots near there?
    3. tampafish 0
      Yes @fish_inator
    4. fish_inator 0
      Hula bay? @tampafish
    5. tampafish 0
      Boat that was capsized was a 22 pathfinder
    6. tampafish 0
      It almost did some boats were more exposed than that one and an aqua sport almost went up on the dock when the owners realized and got them out of their @InshoreKing
    7. King_Fisher 0
      That's insane!
    8. Inshore King 0
      Wow that could have turned out much worse
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Born to fish. Freshman in high school as if 2015. Fish both inshore and offshore.