1. Details: Muskie

    My personal best musky from August long weekend on a dadson blade bait, caught boat side on the figure 8 first spot at first light 3rd cast. Minaki Ontario

    1. chris sawatzky 0
      Thanks everyone
    2. wnymoney14701 0
      nice fish!!!!!
    3. 11walkerjust 0
      great fish good job
    4. Antman33 0
    5. Darren Cossette 0
      Awesome fish!!!
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  2. Details: Black Crappie

    My son got a few nice ones like this one last summer. This is the only usable picture haha he's 2.5 here, got it all by himself

  3. Removed the hooks from this bait to teach my son how to cast. These two Pelicans were more than interested in an easy meal... About 20 others soon followed to see ...more what all the commotion was... I got lucky enough to snap this action shot

  4. Details: Northern Pike

    Fish crushed the whopper plopper tying my personal best

  5. Details: Northern Pike

    Fat topwater topwater pike... What a ride that was. Fish exploded on the bait after only a couple twitches

  6. Details: Northern Pike

    Pb pike from the summer

  7. Details: Muskie

    Just a little guy from the past season

  8. Details: Pumpkinseed Sunfish

    After years of fishing this lake I finally got my first pumpkin seed

  9. Details: Muskie with a Dadson blade baits 9mm bullet

    Caught my first musky last weekend 38" on a dadson blade bait on the figure 8 such a riot!

    1. chris sawatzky 0
      Thanks tkotattoos
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      Great catch brotha!
    3. chris sawatzky 0
      Caught in minaki Ontario
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  10. Details: Northern Pike with a rock dam / wildlife

    Found what was left of a 20"+ fish at a secret fishing hole...didn't even know there was pike there :o

    1. austinmanriquez 0
      River monsters
    2. MIKE D 0
      Nice suprise better if it was still in the wTer swimming
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Fresh water angler from Manitoba. Love to hunt muskies, but when I'm not doing that I like to fish crappies bass and pike