1. had to jump into the water to catch because my line snapped trying to pull her up.

    6 lb. 9 oz. Largemouth Bass with a creature bait

    1. Charley Young 0
  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a texas rigged worm

    first picture with my new phone. I was using a weightless texas rigged yum stick worm, just letting it sink to the bottom. Also there were a lot of gar swimming ...more on top of the water

    1. Brandon Booth 0
      Have you been to Gibbons lately?
    2. Matt Dobson 0
      And gigem :)
    3. Matt Dobson 0
      Nice bass!!
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Jig with a craw trailer

    First largemouth since getting back from a failed Galveston fishing trip. This guy was definitely a confidence booster

  4. My second attempt at saltwater fishing. I just can't seem to figure those trout and redfish. If anyone has some advice, please tell me haha

    Red (redfish) Drum with a DOA shrimp under a popping cork

    1. Stewart Horton 0
      I heard that was a good place to fish, I just haven't gotten a chance to try it out. That's on pelican island, right?
    2. ethan_aaron12 0
      Paddle tale in colors like black with a yellow tale or bright pink the best time would be in the mornings on a falling tide @stewhort57
    3. Stewart Horton 0
      That makes sense. I'm going to have to plan another trip after all of this rain clears out
    4. ethan_aaron12 0
      A good place to start would be sea wolf park in Galveston you can fish a popping cork next to the rocks or go and wade the flat off the left side of the park with ...more a paddle tale soft plastic...
    5. ethan_aaron12 0
      Well some areas are good on a rising ride and others are better during a falling tide. the only way that you can truly learn the best time for an area is to spend ...more a lot of time in that area...
    6. Stewart Horton 0
      Is there any specific time that is best, like when the tides are coming in or out?
    7. Stewart Horton 0
      I think that my biggest problem is figuring out when and where to go @ethan_aaron12
    8. ethan_aaron12 0
      @stewhort57 ^^^
    9. ethan_aaron12 0
      Of fish coming out of the marsh
    10. ethan_aaron12 0
      Retrieve for trout and reds. The second place to try would be a ditch that drains a from a marsh to a larger bay. On a falling tide the bait will come out of the ...more marsh and you can catch a lot...
    11. ethan_aaron12 0
      Try an area with a jetty the fish will hold near the rocks especially flounder. Cast your bait or lure parallel with the rocks not away from the rocks slowly bounce ...more along the bottom or use a faster...
    12. ethan_aaron12 0
      To tell the truth fishing the salt is about 10x harder than fresh and it is not so much about the lure as it is the spot or area once you find the fish you should ...more be able to catch some first I would..
    13. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      1/4 jighead ProCure Shrimp red with white paddle tails or Shrimp tails work throw a bone color spook early or late afternoon
    14. benski7 0
      Ditch the popping cork
    15. doug00g 0
      When I was down there we had to have 5+ feet of leader in shallow water so that the Reds and trout didn't feel the bobber
    16. doug00g 0
      More leader off the cork
    17. fishcutmyline 0
      Berkeley gulp on a jig head
    18. fishing_fanatic 0
      Jig heads and live shrimp have worked really good for me, but a carolina rig with live or dead shrimp works well to
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Texas rig

    Went out to gibbons creek again today and caught 6 fish. A water snake was hanging on to one of the bass I caught. I quickly cut my line off haha

    1. Stewart Horton 0
      @aggiebasser I'll probably be going Saturday morning, maybe Friday morning as well
    2. Brandon Booth 0
      if you're out there this coming weekend hit me up. you can hop in the boat with me
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Texas rig worm

    Biggest of 3 at gibbons creek reservoir

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Jig

    Pitching and flipping a jig. Weighed in at 3 lbs and one ounce

  8. What type of fish is this? I'm pretty sure it's some species of sunfish, but not entirely sure

    1. Brandon Booth 0
      its a redear sunfish also known as shellcracker around here
    2. texasfishingkid kid 0
      no its a shellcracker
    3. sMiTtY89 0
      It's a crappie. The black dot on its gill is a give away!
    4. Stewart Horton 0
      I knew it! And the first commenter had to be rude about it.
    5. cole12345 0
      Not a crappie it is a type of sunfish you can tell by its mouth size and by the yellow coloration on its stomach
    6. Stewart Horton 0
      @sMiTtY89 that's what I initially thought as I reeled it in, but looking back at the picture, it started to not look so much like one to me lol. It's mouth ...more just seemed too small to me
    7. sMiTtY89 0
      Black crappie
    8. Andrew Giffi 0
      Crappy u special need
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Jig

    Went straight to the pond right as soon as I got off of work lol. Nice 2 pound bass

    1. Stewart Horton 0
      A pond in college station
    2. Hahnur Kim 0
      Where was this?
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  10. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Texas rig

    Really pretty bluegill


Catching fish in college station, TX