1. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    hit up the dike Friday morning and 30 min of being there my clicker starts going off it was a nice 37' catching them back to back all in total 5 bull reds but ...more after I ran out of my 4 crabs I sent my Lil bro for more crabs but didn't catch nothing else besides 1 35' black drum.had other runs but no hooks ups.all released to fight another day & to keep breeding. this one went for 40' being biggest

    1. Oscar Rivera 0
      Man I wanted to try and go out there, but I have to work.....I might hit it up Sunday, but gotta watch dem Texans lol
    2. miguel moreno 0
      thanks bro @riverah8s gonna be out there again Saturday
    3. Oscar Rivera 0
      Good job homie
    4. miguel moreno 0
      Thanks bro love this pic of my family and to top it off the heart on the reds tail bro I'm gonna get it in a big picture and hang it in my living room @paul_376
    5. miguel moreno 0
    6. Paul 0
      Very nice catch bro, great looking family.
    7. miguel moreno 0
      it's amazing bro the time will come bud.. thanks @seaturtles
    8. Sean Wilms 0
      What i would do for a day like that. Very nice!
    9. miguel moreno 0
      thanks @ddhtwn
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  2. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout

    finally got into some specks! fished at the very end of the dike & man were the trout there you could even see them coming up chasing shad! was free lining some ...more live shrimp would cast to the dark & let it go with the current to the light & that's where they would hit it. could of caught 2 man limit with the old man but too many throw backs either way it's good enough for us 11 specks

    1. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Yeah buddy!!
    2. Reel_Smooth 0
      Killed it!!
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    hit up the same spot as last week to do some afternoon fishing & a little night fishing. before sundown threw some live bait & this 27' slot red saw ...more my rod bending hard ran to it & this bad boy started fighting hard pulling drag like crazy.. had other good pulls on live mullet but no hook ups.. winds gusting 15+ dirty water due to more rain and windy conditions.. next week surf it is for trout lol

    1. Bass_Fisher101 0
      Ok thx
    2. miguel moreno 0
      falcon bucco Rod @Bass_Fisher101
    3. Bass_Fisher101 0
      What rod is that
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  4. Details: Black Drum

    headed out to visit my uncle out in San Leon last weekend did some bbq & fished after we ate hit up the where he usually goes & it was a success the bite ...more got good after 5pm caught 2 black drums 22' biggest & speck 18' fished the beach part but nothing all fish were caught where all the oyster beds we're. Lil 2 no wind stained water nice Sunday no rain just sunshine. gonna hit it up sat with light

  5. back at it again!! caught this bad boy within 15 min of getting to the spot saw my line just flying around it had a bad slack reeled in and didn't feel nothing ...more until he decided to take off with it 10 min later hooked up into my 2nd one in total caught 4 big uglies keep getting runs but no hook ups a good day out at the jetties. go get them big uglies their out in that murky water fresh water!!

    Black Drum

    1. joshuash3lby 0
      nice fish . when i make my mind up on the yak i want we should link up.
  6. Details: Channel Catfish

    Friday afternoon to the night fishing for some cats my son was able to catch this nice 24' 6lb 4oz channel cat fishing off the bottom I would cast out for him ...more to get into deeper water & it worked out for him & man did he put up a fight for my son he was even takin drag big + cuz he got what he wanted since he's been wanting to go cat fishing. love to see my lil man happy with his catches

    1. miguel moreno 0
      thanks man I show him that I post blerts about him and he gets all happy lol @peytoncastillo__
    2. miguel moreno 0
      and he had a nice fight in him he was excited cuz the drag was making noise lol daddy it's like ur big reels @bomber1
    3. miguel moreno 0
      Lol I'm sure he will just how I out fish my dad lol that means he showed me well and I'm doing the same with lil man @bomber1
    4. peytoncastillo__ 0
      tell the little man I said good job!
    5. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      *he will*^
    6. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      He'll be out fishing you soon! That's a fun size cat daddy to catch .
    7. miguel moreno 0
      thanks bro @koolguy713
    8. luis 0
      Nice catch
    9. miguel moreno 0
      yes ma'am!! @ddhtwn
    10. miguel moreno 0
      yes sir!! @txfisherman713
    11. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Yeah buddy!
    12. miguel moreno 0
      thanks brotha!! @ReelGame
    13. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice catch your boy doing good bro
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  7. good day 1/3/16 at the jetties didn't catch bull reds but manage to catch 3 drums 2 back to back after releasing the first 1 threw out fresh crab 2nd 1 took ...more off like a freight train clicker screaming and rod bending like crazy and this one caught less than a min after casting out fresh crab too can't get enough of these bad boys credit pic to @AnthonyRuiz put him on his first bad boy!! 👍👏

    Black Drum

    1. miguel moreno 0
      go to filters and then it's painters @liamqureshi
    2. liamqureshi 0
      I have the app which effect is it
    3. ThatOneFisher 0
    4. miguel moreno 0
      I'll send u a pm with my # so u can text me much faster lol @ThatOneFisher
    5. miguel moreno 0
      no the drag just mess with it when u cast and ur letting bait sit.. idk how ur reel is but mine have knobs on them if u lossen them up the casting gets softer and ...more u can cast further..
    6. ThatOneFisher 0
      Do you mean the drag?
    7. miguel moreno 0
      Yeah adjust it and keep casting it till u cast pretty far bud u just gotta get use to casting it @ThatOneFisher
    8. ThatOneFisher 0
      What do you mean adjust the breaks?
    9. miguel moreno 0
      try putting on just the weight and cast with that just practice until u get it right adjust the breaks on i got 9ft rods too @ThatOneFisher
    10. ThatOneFisher 0
    11. ThatOneFisher 0
      I've got an Avet on a 9 foot rod but I can't cast it too far. Any tips
    12. miguel moreno 0
      maybe at the jetties is harder to catch the big ones closer at least for my experience but I'm sure 50 yrds would do it.. what set up you got? @ThatOneFisher
    13. ThatOneFisher 0
      I wish I could cast 70 yards! 😆
    14. ThatOneFisher 0
      You think I could catch one 30-50 yards out?
    15. miguel moreno 0
      thanks bud!! about 70 yrds out pretty hard casting @ThatOneFisher
    16. ThatOneFisher 0
      Great fish man! How far are you casting that thing for drum?
    17. miguel moreno 0
      thanks man @zackfishing
    18. zackfishing 0
    19. miguel moreno 0
    20. miguel moreno 0
      super photo app
    21. miguel moreno 0
      thanks bro!! @Reel_Smooth & thanks @ddhtwn
    22. Reel_Smooth 0
      Nice! Good lookin pic bro
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  8. #contest15 my best memory this year was when I caught this huge stingray at the jetties & boy was it a heavy fight I had never caught something that heavy it ...more was an awsome experience to catch this beast.. it almost broke my rod from trying to get it off the ground after a good struggle I had finally landed it.. & that there folks is my best memory of 2015 & of course had to represent the crew

    Atlantic Stingray

    1. meandean713 0
      damn man congratulations that a beast
    2. Txfisherman713 R 0
    3. Paul 0
      Yeah ! Lol
    4. miguel moreno 0
      Lol that would be cool que no? @paul_376
    5. Paul 0
      Yeah I catch my sharks with my bare hands. Lol jk
    6. miguel moreno 0
      I think I remember bro u were just walking no fishing right? @paul_376
    7. Paul 0
      I had two of them dripping blood on my white shorts.
    8. Paul 0
      @slatwater You saw my sharks? Lol
    9. miguel moreno 0
      yes sir @paul_376
    10. Paul 0
      Was that the day we saw you up there? @slatwater
    11. miguel moreno 0
      thanks man @crookcody19 and yes sir it was man heavy fight and tricky fight with a 12ft rod lol @bassinboy01
    12. Jacob Breaux 0
      Awesome. Bet that was a great fight
    13. crookcody19 0
      Nice catch man!
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  9. Details: Black Drum

    after not catching or having bites at the jetties we decided to hit up the old brazos river icw and it payed off being there for like 30 min I hooked up into this ...more monster really nice and healthy black drum took off like a freight train heard my reel scream from far ran to it and fight was on release to safely to fight another day had more bites but no hook ups but still better than being home

  10. made it out again to see if I can actually land a bull red but no luck had this big ugly pick up my crab only one landed all day yesterday fished the channel side ...more water was really murky just in channel side beach side was clear water but no luck. had 2 good runs had the fish on but both unhooked after a lil fight frustrating time but will be back soon on a mission lol

    Black Drum

    1. miguel moreno 0
      nice!! @paul_376
    2. Paul 0
      Yeah , I hate getting skunked, yeah one was 21 inches and I think the other one was 18.
    3. miguel moreno 0
      the bull reds didn't wanna play but I will land one soon bro.. at least u caught some fish bro were they keepers? @paul_376
    4. Paul 0
      I was out at TCD trying to land a bull red and no luck, I did catch a couple flounders though . @slatwater
    5. miguel moreno 0
      thanks bro @paul_376
    6. Paul 0
      Nice job bro!
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