1. 20 years of EXTREMELY cautious fishing...my time has finally come. Took a treble hook to the lower back. Straight into the muscle, past the barb. Iced it down, numbed ...more up, ripped it out with my pliers.

    Other Saltwater with a Mirrodine XL

    1. krumy123 0
      I gotta agree with @yakfish. Credit for the manhood πŸ‘
    2. David David 0
      @yakfish when you run out of options it's usually the painful ones that are left!
    3. yakfish 0
      @shallow_minded Ya credit for man hood.
    4. David David 0
      You bet man. Appreciate it much. Tight lines! @Ben_Sanford
    5. Ben_Sanford 0
      Your welcome Buddy! Didn't mean to bust your chops about it. It's just thatt an ounce of prevention vs. well over a pound of cure, and one unnecessary day ...more off the water is one too many! Great fishing!
    6. David David 0
      @Ben_Sanford called doctors office and found out my last tetanus shot was 10 years ago...left work and just got a new shot. Thanks!
    7. Ben_Sanford 0
      More good days ahead!
    8. David David 0
      @Ben_Sanford I'll make sure that my tetanus shot is up to date. Thanks!
    9. Ben_Sanford 0
      I have seen the disease at work. It ain't pretty my friend. I encourage you to do the right thing.
    10. Squinteye . 0
    11. Ben_Sanford 0
      @ shallow... Doesn't have to be rusty, that's a myth. Any wound can cause it without vaccination. Punctures such as yours are more prone as they are more ...more difficult to clean. Shot is not expensive.
    12. outdoorguy11 0
      I got a rusty treble in the foot with no shoes nasty!
    13. bboy10 0
      Same thing. Hook straight to the face.
    14. David David 0
      @Ben_Sanford I think so, but this was a brand new lure so the hooks were clean with no rust @Capt_Jack you betcha @HunterB thanks lol @MulletHead yeah, afterwards ...more I was told it would've cost $1200...
    15. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Been there, did the same thing (thumb not back). same solution. Cred for not paying a clinic to do the same thing.
    16. HunterB 0
      Welcome to the club!
    17. Capt_Jack 0
    18. Ben_Sanford 0
      Tetanus shot current?
    19. David David 0
      @elkaholic good question. We were fishing a mangrove bank and my lure got stuck in the trees. I motored over there and pulled up on it, and it whipped around and ...more slung into my back. Freak accident
    20. dallin dallin 0
      Just out of curiosity, how exactly does a hook get stuck in your back?
    21. David David 0
      @SwampMafia that's right
    22. Swamp Mafia 0
      Fishing is more important than a little pain.
    23. David David 0
      @SwampMafia haha thanks! The park ranger out there told me to go to the hospital but there was no way I was losing my whole fishing trip
    24. Swamp Mafia 0
      Nicely done! Cred for being a man.
    25. David David 0
      @eastonsutley yeah, I knew it was coming just didn't think it would be there or that bad
    26. eastonsutley 0
      Ouch I feel you it's no fun. No matter how cautious and safe you try to be it's bound to happen one day.
    27. David David 0
      Went right back out on the water and continued to fish the rest of the day. Unbelievably painful experience
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  2. Picture taken by buddies off in the distance yesterday as I was fishing solo off the bow of my boat. Casting the 9wt into the wind on a cloudy flat.

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Clouser (fly)

    1. eastonsutley 0
      That's awesome I have fished for reds but never on the fly they are such and incredible fish and they fight hard.
    2. David David 0
      It really is an incredible place. I'm fortunate to live about an hour away from the ramp. My favorite species to target is redfish, I love everything about them ...more @eastonsutley
    3. eastonsutley 0
      That's awesome it's so beautiful down there what is you favorite fish to target.
    4. David David 0
      @eastonsutley thanks, it's my favorite thing to do. Especially when I get to make a solo trip
    5. eastonsutley 0
      Beautiful shot I have wanted to chase saltwater fish on the fly for years.
    6. Javelin 0
      No good!
    7. David David 0
      @georgejr thanks man. It's up on iG too
    8. georgejr 0
      Sweeeet shot!!!!!!
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  3. Wind picked up, changed my setup and approach, landed the largest redfish to date (sightcasted in inches) that I've ever caught in my home waters on the flats. ...more Not sure how well his size is shown here

    Red (redfish) Drum with a 3/8 oz Johnson gold spoon.

    1. fishingjohnny 0
      What edit
    2. Chris Skinner 0
      Heck yea, I bet so, always love surprise catches when I'm fishin, they either make you wanna get up and jump for joy or roll over laughin lol
    3. David David 0
      @cowboy713 he must've, lol. Was a good fight and a nice surprise
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      I've seen that with smaller rat reds, but never with one that size, maybe he thought he was a tarpon haha
    5. David David 0
      @cowboy713 yeah definitely. Was a completely different sort of fish, I knew that from the start. Leapt completely out of the water like a torpedo and I've never ...more had a red do that before
    6. Chris Skinner 0
      He looks like he's got some shoulders on him
    7. David David 0
      @cowboy713 this is a very large red for my area, especially as a fish near shore and not off spawning on the wrecks
    8. Chris Skinner 0
      Good lookin red, I've been missin the salt bad
    9. David David 0
      @thefishwhisperer88 thanks, I use snapseed. This picture was taken alone so it's from a gopro
    10. thefishwhisperer88 0
      Nice! What app do you use?
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  4. Solo trip, poling myself off the bow of my skiff in bare inches of water. Just at sunrise, dozens of tailers all around me, the first of my victims. Solid fight, ...more ripped some drag.

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Custom shrimp pattern I tied the night before (fly)

    1. David David 0
      Benny's a great guy. Almost figured that's who you were talking about
    2. Michael Meeker 0
      Benny Blanco
    3. David David 0
      @mikecheck38 what's his name?
    4. Michael Meeker 0
      Cool deal! I have a friend that has guided out of Flamingo for years!
    5. David David 0
      benefits of a guided trip, but at only cost of trip. I'm usually fishing in the park 3 days a week. Another solo trip in 4 hours
    6. David David 0
      @mikecheck38 I will be starting my charter business next month. But as for all previous trips and photos they've been either solo trips or times where I've ...more taken people out to fish with all of the
    7. Michael Meeker 0
      Do you guide out of Flamingo? Or just fish there a lot?
    8. David David 0
      @sschwartz2 thanks!
    9. sschwartz2 0
      Oh ok, it looks so awesome!
    10. David David 0
      @sschwartz2 very minimal editing. Just sharpened the image a tiny bit. The actual picture itself was just perfect lighting
    11. sschwartz2 0
      What edit did u use in this??
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  5. Agree of disagree, it really doesn't matter. I was a large contributor to content on this app when it first came out, but this is an issue that's just getting ...more too far out of hand. I'm tired of seeing

    1. David David 0
      All we can do is hope. I don't post many pictures here any more unless it's something I think is particularly worthy. But even then sometimes (often) I'm ...more wrong.
    2. Justin Justin 0
      Yeah, I've also noticed those pictures tend to stay in the popular section far longer than any other pictures... I dunno, wish they would fix it though.
    3. David David 0
      Aside from that, I feel like alot of the time I post on here my pictures hardly get seen amidst the female content as long as there's the draw of appearance ...more and promiscuity. @fishinfreely
    4. Justin Justin 0
      It chased us both off and I felt like we were pretty legit contributors.
    5. David David 0
      @fishinfreely hopefully they'll implement some changes and stamp out the offenders. Time will tell
    6. Justin Justin 0
      Agree completely. You and I talked about this.. It unfortunately ruined this app.
    7. David David 0
      >_< @gonefishin24
    8. Alexis Alexis 0
      Lmfao oh lord!
    9. David David 0
      @gonefishin24 I feel you on that, I'm in homestead so I know how the heat is. I don't wear my bikini too often for fear of entrancing too many of the girls ...more on this app...lol
    10. Alexis Alexis 0
      I agree. Yes, I am guilt of bikini pictures, but I live in Miami where it is always 90+ degrees and i am tired of having a farmers tan so i have been fishing in ...more bathing suits to avoid that.
    11. eastonsutley 0
      This is not Instagram! It's FISHINGscout!
    12. eastonsutley 0
      Amen it has to stop πŸ‘
    13. Chris Skinner 0
      I whole heartedly agree, it's one thing to compliment someone, but it does get way out of hand on here at times
    14. David David 0
      I absolutely had to voice my opinion.
    15. David David 0
      And don't get me wrong - this has nothing to do with personal gain or recognition. I'm just tired of every single time I open the app, I can always count ...more on seeing it. I appreciate your efforts, but
    16. Gabe Mitchell 0
    17. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Next release to take this fishing first concept further. Fishing info is kind, not skin.
    18. Gabe Mitchell 0
      With that said, we have more features in the next
    19. KJenkins24 0
      That's the truth
    20. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Sorry to hear you say that. We really try to limit the number of bikini pics that make the Popular page and we've added features like Book icons to reward ...more anglers who share good fishing content.
    21. David David 0
      Catches because of the fact they're wearing more clothing or aren't showing off their bodies? This is FISHIGscout, and I think it's been steadily leaning ...more more towards the appearances of the anglers.
    22. David David 0
      @MulletHead aside from the obvious and blatant abusers and graphic comments - it's even beyond that. Why do legitimate fishermen and even fisherwomen get less ...more cred or recognition for their notable
    23. Matt Dobson 0
      Thanks for speaking up. We're committed to keeping FS about fishing. Lewd, inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. @MulletHead
    24. Gabe Mitchell 0
      We agree. We have a zero tolerance for harassment. It can be reported to me @matt @bassinboy01 or @cowboy713 for quick resolution
    25. David David 0
      it, and not saying anything about. Feel free to repost it if you agree. I'll happily respond to your respectful/educated remarks or arguments to this, if you ...more have them.
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  6. Picture from about 2 months ago in the Florida Everglades backcountry. Me posing with a 10 lb 27 inch redfish, barely slot. Fought so hard thought for sure I had ...more a monster snook on. #location

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Rapala Subwalk

    1. David David 0
    2. David David 0
      @Vinnyman42 thanks man, I love it. It's kind've a dressy hat though haha!
    3. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      That G-Loomis hat is sick!
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  7. I know I don't post on FS hardly at all anymore...will try to put a few more uploads up in the near future. This is my estimated 150 lb tarpon I caught yesterday ...more (May 8th) on 10 lb main line and 20 lb

    Tarpon with a Mirrolure XL

    1. David David 0
    2. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on May 12, 2013!
    3. David David 0
      @georgejr thanks man, figured I'd post some more and try to stay active!
    4. georgejr 0
      @shallow_minded, back in style! Nice fish!
    5. David David 0
      @lukehigley it's called snapseed
    6. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on May 11, 2013!
    7. lukehigley 0
      What app did you use?
    8. David David 0
      @Rachael21 thank you!
    9. Rachael21 0
      Cool pic and nice fish!!
    10. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on May 10, 2013!
    11. David David 0
      @theyakfisher thanks!
    12. Peyton Dalatri 0
      Nice tarpon
    14. David David 0
      @Vinnyman42 thanks man!
    15. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      Great fish and awesome pic!
    16. David David 0
      @Capt_Jack @GTeam thanks guys
    17. GTeam 0
      Whoa!! Nice!!
    18. Capt_Jack 0
      Nice fish brother!!
    19. David David 0
      @GunnerNewberry I'll try my best haha, got some other big fish to upload still
    20. Gunner Newberry 0
    21. Gunner Newberry 0
      As an addicted FS user and fisherman I'd love to see more of your stuff on here. Instigram is for the ladies.. FS is for your fishin buddies! Lol! Keep em comin ...more bro!
    22. David David 0
      @matt thanks man, and sorry to hear that. I've been really laying into them lately, tarpon especially. I'm gonna try to keep FS updated best I can, but I'm ...more more involved on Instagram
    23. Matt Dobson 0
      Woot. Amazing fish. @MulletHead and I fished with @Capt_Jack a few weeks ago in Marathon. No tarpon on our trip but we'll be back. Good to have you back ...more @shallow_minded !
    24. David David 0
      leader. The fight was over 2 hours - this is my biggest successfully landed tarpon to date.
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  8. 37 and a half inches to fork. 27 pounds. Biggest jack to date personally. #location

    Jack Crevalle with a Rapala Subwalk

    1. KJenkins24 0
      Nice I like that color keep it up
    2. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jan 07, 2013!
    3. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jan 06, 2013!
    4. David David 0
      @Grizz44 thanks! And it sure was
    5. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jan 05, 2013!
    6. Grizz44 0
      @shallow_minded beast!! Bet that was a fight.
    7. David David 0
      @bass6 thanks
    8. Mr_fisherman50 0
      Nice cravelle.
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  9. Monster black drum caught on New Year's morning in Flamingo, FL #location

    Black Drum with a Large dead shrimp on chartreuse jighead

    1. KJenkins24 0
      Nice fish looks like a tank
    2. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jan 04, 2013!
    3. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jan 03, 2013!
    4. David David 0
      @MulletHead thanks, made for a great video. Chunk of shrimp on a DOA Cal jighead
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Nice GoPro setup. What did the big ugly bite?
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  10. #location

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Chunk of mullet

    1. David David 0
    2. David David 0
      @Dardevle97 thanks!
    3. Tim 0
      Awesome effects!!
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