1. I spent all day on the water and all i could catch was this beauty

    1. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      If im a catfish why do you take the time out of your day to talk to me. Obviously you are interested in what my assests have to offer
    2. Jack_Ardent 0
      Shit up catfish
    3. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      I guess no one ever taught you any manners
    4. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      Oh so now you are assuming im a slut just bcuz i use a fishing app to meet nice guys. That really hurts me it really does
    5. Jack_Ardent 0
      Use tumbler or some shit to get guys not FishingCrew
    6. Jack_Ardent 0
      Bruh your OBVIOUSLY not the person in that picture I mean the pictures are different people from google and your bio is just some slutty paragraph and your name ...more is so sluty that it's obvious
    7. Jack_Ardent 0
      Does the same thing happen to make your boobs smaller?
    8. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      Different lighting can cause different exposure of dark and light spots on the face giving the appearance of a different facial structure without it actually changing
    9. Jack_Ardent 0
      And does your complete facial structure really change in different lighting?
    10. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      Oh so now you are staring at my tits well arent you a real gentleman. No wonder you spend all your day fishinf no girl wants to hang with a perv like you
    11. Jack_Ardent 0
      And I thought you fish? Not picking up a sea star
    12. Jack_Ardent 0
      I can tell by the titty difference?
    13. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      Next time do some research before you start calling people out
    14. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      Really you can tell that from the small picture. Obviously you have never heard of lighting differences or exposure time bcuz that changes the way pictures look
    15. Jack_Ardent 0
      Oh excuse me! The googled pictures of the girls faces are different
    16. Jack_Ardent 0
      Your face is different
    17. sexyfisherxxx69 0
      Sorry i have on a different colored bathing suit in each picture. And yeah i dont know how to work the locations you dont have to be so mean all the time
    18. Jack_Ardent 0
      Next time you google search for pictures try to match the appearance of your profile picture. Cmon big fella
    19. Jack_Ardent 0
      Bruh Lake Salvador? A sea star? That picture is in the ocean bruh.
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I am a super hot chick looking for dudes to let me cast their rod