1. Got this 41 inch bullred out in the surf. Casted from second bar.

    Red (redfish) Drum

  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    Got this 41 inch bull red this evening out in the surf. Casted from second bar

  3. Casted from second sandbar. Fought him for a good hour. He measured it at 61 inches!

    Bull Shark

    1. scottroberts034 0
      good luck to ya! @ag03aj Happy to help!
    2. ag03aj 0
      @scottroberts034 thanks for the info! saw the tide was high and it is going to be rough. still going! only chance I can make it maybe til spring.
    3. scottroberts034 0
      Also I use the bait that's in the surf at the time. Like whiting are strong in the surf right now but there are no mullet in sight.
    4. scottroberts034 0
      After I cross the bridge i take a left and got to the first public Beach access and just find a spot. But the surf right now is insane the tide is way up @ag03aj.
    5. ag03aj 0
      think I'm gonna try it out tomoro. any hints on a good spot for the surf in surfside? I usually go down to across the tower and catch a few specks but that's ...more it. never have great luck
    6. aesthetic_legacy 0
      Thanks man, I'm going there today
    7. scottroberts034 0
      I caught this two days ago on 10/19/2016 @aesthetic_legacy
    8. aesthetic_legacy 0
      When was this?
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