1. Can anyone id this fish?

    1. CreekWalker 0
      black crappie
    2. King_Fisher 0
      It's a black crappie.
    3. blops 0
      Black crappie i think
    4. dupre fin w son 0
      We call it a sac-a-let
    5. CajunBassMaster 0
      Maybe the pesticides have something to do with that? Or maybe it's just a hybrid of some sort
    6. scottlippy4 0
      @huddastud @jdgfishing
    7. scottlippy4 0
      @adamsg1 @cajunbassmaster
    8. scottlippy4 0
      Never seen a crappie with this intense color. I wish I could eat them, the water I got him from has a lot of pesticides sprayed near it
    9. adamsg1 0
      Black crappie! Great tasting fish!
    10. CajunBassMaster 0
      Black crappie
    11. huddastud 0
      some kind of crappie
    12. JDGfishing 0
      Hybrid Crappie
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  2. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass

    Cycling soon to be Kelberi Peacock Bass. Been waiting to set this up for months and finally had the time!

  3. Details: River Chub

    In my backyard creek, micro fly setup, took forever to hook one of these.

    1. H180 1 0
      @scottlippy4 I have a creek in my back yard and it is packed with chubs. You can see all of them from the bridge
  4. ID ?? Caught on a tiny fly combo in a puddle of a creek

    1. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Creek chub
    2. fishhunt03 0
      creek chub
    3. cutbaiter 0
      River chub
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  5. Commence cycling

    1. scottlippy4 0
      I think it's just the general name for the area, I've lived here 10+ years and know one spot. I use watermelon red trick worms on a Texas rig @austin214
    2. austin214 0
      Ok I moved out to Woodstock a year ago and I am still looking for a good spot to fish can someone explain to me where Woodstock Ponds is at and what to use. @scottlippy4
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass


  7. NEED HELP! What's a good rod for me to pair with an battle 8000, also I will be using #65 or #80 braid going for big reds, Sharks, Rays and other big fish. ...more What size line would be best and should I also spool on some mono? Main question is what's a rod that's tough enough for that under $120 (preferably) I will be fishing from pier, and boat occasionally but mostly from the beach or shore. thanks

    1. flounderpounder88 0
      Then the best advice for you is to find and buy what you like!
    2. scottlippy4 0
      How bout if I bought a daiwa saltist 6500h and spooled with around 600yds of #65???
    3. UMFisher 0
      I had many sites inform me you should have 40-50lb braid so the shark can run an extra hundred yards to tire him out instead of horsing him in on a 80lb test line ...more and damage the reel whe runs
    4. UMFisher 0
      I had 80lb braid on a penn spinfisher v 6500Ll with a cobia special 9' rod. I put 80lb braid and regret it.
    5. SRFisher 0
      Shorter than 8' is pushing it for surf rods. If you fish from a pier more often then you could look into a speed jigging rod. They are built for turning large ...more pelagic fish. Could pull a ray or shark.
    6. scottlippy4 0
      Yeah but it's weak
    7. flounderpounder88 0
      Mine are 7ft. They make them shorter that 8'
    8. scottlippy4 0
      Also about the batallion is too tall I don't want anything over 8ft
    9. jokerman8029 0
      Blue runner rods are in your price zone and work good
    10. jokerman8029 0
      I have a pen battle , you do not need a mono backing with this reel, it has a rubberized spool for braid. Just go straight braid and tie a good knot
    11. flounderpounder88 0
      Stay away from Shimano. They have changed over their warranty process and only warranty rods for a year now. Penn Batallion is a good rod just picked up a couple ...more for my conflicts
    12. buck7 0
      I have a 8000 and 6000 I fish for rays and sharks with them they both have 80# braid on them and tica makes good rods
    13. scottlippy4 0
      Anyone have any clue on the shimanos I listed
    14. Angler09 0
      Look at star rods
    15. scottlippy4 0
      Shimano Tallus Bluewater rods$ 149 either 40-80lb, 50-100lb, or 65-200lb, in 6'9" size! Or they have 7'2"40-80lb, or 65-200lb!! HELP people
    16. scottlippy4 0
      Yeah I've already got a battle
    17. BCOjr 0
      They also make a penn fierce which is also a nice reel for your budget
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  8. First bass!!! I'm hooked. Help me out and check this link? http://www.gofundme.com/v2a2d2a8?pc=tw_f_app #gofundme

    1. Josh Darr 0
      we didn't ask
    2. scottlippy4 0
      It's in my profile now sir!
    3. scottlippy4 0
      I'm raising money for Get Me Fishing!. Click to Donate: http://www.gofundme.com/v2a2d2a8 #gofundme
    4. scottlippy4 0
      This one should work Matt!
    5. scottlippy4 0
      Matt, is it incorrect or what? Thanks
    6. MattLewis 0
      The link won't work
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