1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a cant remmber which fly

    Bass on the fly. Took me 7 mins to land on the 4 wt. haha honestly around 4-5 lbs.

    1. walt_gober 0
      Oh sweet thanks man @joemac2242
    2. joemac2242 0
      Abel @walt_gober
    3. walt_gober 0
      What kind of reel?
    4. dillon juarez 0
      Nice setup I need to get a bass on the 3wt it looks like fun
    5. Chris Skinner 0
      And that's why I LOVE fishing light weight fly rods!
    6. YakTX 0
      Nice reel
    7. tiphigh31 0
      Is that an Abel reel? @sbarton
    8. eastonsutley 0
      Sweet pic
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  2. Big one I already posted. Personal best...

    Largemouth Bass with a senko

    1. willgrunau 0
      Are y'all out of school yet?
    2. charles113 0
    3. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      Great fish! Excited to see what you pull in this summer.
    4. Robbie Zudock 0
      11 or 12???
    5. sbarton 0
      Haha I would say a number but no one is gonna believe me @robbiezudock
    6. Robbie Zudock 0
      How big was he
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  3. New PB DD bass, guessing 11-12lbs. I was on a kayak with my girlfriend and she got one pic before my phone died. After the pic she swam off to see another day! Helł ...more of a night...

    Largemouth Bass with a senko

    1. knox kronenberg 0
      I'm with pumpkin in this one what and awesome fish! What a monster
    2. sbarton 0
      Hate all ya want. Hahaha I'm not looking for approval from a manager of a housecleaning business and a scrawny kid.. @AllHookedUp @Vinnyman42 @LTBassmaster
    3. Tim Taylor 0
      looks like 7-8.5 bass
    4. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      @willgrunau I know I've met him. My buddy @Lukeface is a monster compared to Stormey, and I've seen him gripping some 7 pounders that looked bigger than ...more that. Just saying. Its a great fish nonetheless
    5. willgrunau 0
      @LTBassmaster @Vinnyman42 stormy sa big dude. I have no trouble seeing that as a DD fish
    6. TylersReelFishing 0
      @sbarton I'm gonna have to agree with @Vinnyman42 on this one. It's a great fish, but something about that picture doesn't give it that weight
    7. sbarton 0
    8. sbarton 0
      Without a doubt in my mind. It was much bigger than my 11.2 last spring as well as the 9.8 last fall. I was kayaking with my girlfriend and had one senko and no ...more other gear. Wasnt planning on fishing..
    9. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      DD huh? It's a nice fish don't get me wrong. But without having a scale I wouldn't feel comfortable calling that fish a DD. I know you have a scale somewhere.
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a fly

    Big one knox caught on the fly

    1. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on May 10, 2014!
    2. relentless_fisherman 0
    3. relentless_fisherman 0
      How long of a fight
    4. PKfisherman 0
      Holy crackers! That must've been a heck if a fight.
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  5. Details: Flier with a mathews creed xs

    Got me a turkey with my bow

    1. willgrunau 0
      Out at goldthwaite?
    2. sbarton 0
      Sure! @GunnerNewberry
    3. Gunner Newberry 0
      Should post it on HuntingScout!
    4. Jake Pedersen 0
      sick picture!!
    5. Gunner Newberry 0
      Great picture
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  6. Pb bass on the fly

    Largemouth Bass with a fly

    1. sbarton 0
      Haha @VipopTBF
    2. VipopTBF 0
      Lake austin😏
    3. Blake Settle 0
    4. SSNoah 0
      Sweet pic man! Congrats.
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  7. Chunker fishin off the dock

    Largemouth Bass with a fly

    1. KMcBray 0
      Looks like you were slaying more than just bass in that picture.....
    2. willgrunau 0
      Lookin good stormy!
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  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a senko and hand

    In bass pro shops tank yesterday I lured her in with a senko, stuck my hand in the water and pulled her out, snapped a pic, then back in the water. Cut my thumb ...more pretty bad but worth it. #bucketlist

    1. Trey Granato 0
      You did what everyone wants to do...kudos
    2. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Feb 02, 2014!
    3. JustinGoodman 0
    4. TylersReelFishing 0
      Wacky rigged or texas rigged? Haha @sbarton
    5. PKfisherman 0
      That's amazing!
    6. Sam_Glasgow 0
      Hahaha omg that's to good
    7. eastonsutley 0
      I know a guy... Lol
    8. Denton Apple 0
      That's hilarious
    9. charles113 0
      Haha this is great
    10. Richie Pusateri 0
      How were you working that senko?
    11. Jacob Breaux 0
      Hahaha that's awesome man. 😂👍
    12. sbarton 0
      Hahaha thanks guys! She thrashed a couple of times and it cut my thumb! Haha yeah I didn't get caught but I was ready to face the consequences but I didn't ...more get caught!
    13. King_Fisher 0
      Man I know every one on hear has wanted to do that but your the first guy who had the guts!
    14. Capt_Jack 0
    15. Denton Apple 0
      Hahahaha! That's hilarious, awesome u didn't get caught!
    16. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Still cool though, the first thing I'm doing when I win the lottery is buying out the fish at the Nashville bass pro
    17. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Isn't that illegal?
    18. 9G3B 0
    19. brice shepard 0
      Lol I wish I did that
    20. charles113 0
    21. charles113 0
      How'd u cut ur finger. Haha that's aweosme!
    22. Sutton Dole 0
      They let you do this?
    23. TylersReelFishing 0
      Haha. I have always wanted to do this but never had the guts to actually do it. Well done stormy. @sbarton
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  9. First cast off new boat on the new home maid jig! Nice red followed by a very productive cold winter haul!

    Black Grouper with a homemade jig

    1. Jake Jake 0
      its the hat!!
  10. New boat gonna bring new memories for the new year! Happy New Years y'all!

    Other Saltwater with a new boat


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