1. This big catfish bit my crank bait , I thought it was a giant bass until I saw it @ThomasJ helped land it

    Flathead Catfish

    1. ThomasJ 0
      I grabbed the fish you R-tard @hudsonkuczaj
    2. hudsonkuczaj 0
      Howd u get it up that ledge is like 4 feet down
    3. jurssica 0
      Nice flattie on a crank bait!!
    4. Matt Dobson 0
      Nice fish either way. Had it been a bass.....
    5. Derek Weidemann 0
      Yeah those flathead will hit a lure. I'm not surprised. Nice surprise for ya lol
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  2. Caught this 4 pounder when I casted next to some weeds and slow rolled it

    Largemouth Bass

  3. Caught this guy on a hudd. It came up to it really close to the bank so I killed the bait and it bit

    Largemouth Bass with a Caught this guy on a hudd, it came up to it really close to the bank so I killed the bait and then it bit

    1. RyanEllis 0
      Love the way you hold that hahaha
    2. hudsonkuczaj 0
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  4. Caught this guy on a small hud next to some weeds

    Largemouth Bass with a Small weed less Huddleston

  5. Caught my first baitcast fish yesterday on a silver lipless crank bait

    Largemouth Bass with a Lipless crank bait

    1. ThomasJ 0
      Did anyone catch anything else
  6. Thanks Hudson, go to @hudsonkuczaj account to buy Hudsons lures that he made himself !! I have been catching all my fish lately on his lures.

    Largemouth Bass with a Hudsons whole made lures

    1. hudsonkuczaj 0
      That's from Coles ranch
    2. hudsonkuczaj 0
      Shorts up so high they look like clouds
    3. ThomasJ 0
      The very first one who joins the trail gets a Total of 10 lures and a bag of our finest fresh worms made from Africa
    4. ThomasJ 0
      U can get 2 for the price of 99 cents with a free gift card to our own website with a free trial
    5. ThomasJ 0
      Thanks @hudsonkuczaj for the great lures I can't believe you caught one on them!!!
    6. hudsonkuczaj 0
      But for a whopping $1.99
    7. hudsonkuczaj 0
      I agree and such
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  7. Bass I caught a while back on a shad swimbait

    Largemouth Bass with a Shad swimbait

    1. sampowers 0
      I knar
    2. hudsonkuczaj 0
      That's from Coles ranch
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  8. Little bass I caught yesterday

    Largemouth Bass with a Plastic worm

    1. hudsonkuczaj 0
      Sam watches Henry danger @drew_hoogendam
    2. sampowers 0
      Well I don't want to look like that jus because he sucks @drew_hoogendam
    3. drew_hoogendam 0
      Dude I'm not being mean
    4. sampowers 0
      At least I don't watch that crap @drew_hoogendam
    5. drew_hoogendam 0
      Dude you look like Henry danger
    6. sampowers 0
      Yes @whitebass_81
    7. whitebass_81 0
      Do you go to ohms
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  9. Caught catfish with chicken liver in Cyprus

    Blue Catfish with a Chicken liver


I hate carp, my pb bass is 30.4 pound and I like lures and more lures also I would like to say that I am disappointed in fishing scouts actions, ...more I should be allowed to say what I want to say but they banned me from commenting @wyldechylde77