1. Details: Blue Marlin

    Alright so I gotta call from one of my good buddies the other day and he had something pretty good to say.. "fuckk man just got a couple uhh float tubes, you ...more wanna take em out tomorrow and fish?" You probably know what my answer was "hallee yEaH buddy!! 🎣"

    1. rowdy2404 0
      No need for the filthy language
  2. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass

    I was nipple deep fishing the keenwaii peninsula in Argentina. The Dry Fly bite was on fire. I lost a couple 30-40 inch fish at the bank but still managed to land ...more this guy. Tightlines everyone

    1. John mason 0
      I wouldn't exactly call it a butterfly peacock bass, but good catch.
    2. CreekWalker 0
      rainbow trout nice one!!!
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Probably on the river. FUCkk SCHOOL