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      Old school
  1. Fly thumb not working together

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    2. russellg4 0
      If you fish a lot your cuts will look like this
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      Lol it dose
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      Kinda looks like a jumping bass haha, sucks though man :/
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      Pretty nice size lake to fish in Patagonia
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  2. Hear are the first batch of flys i maid by hand

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      I no those where for practicing on different materials
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      Tip: Think of what is the color of the insect your fish eat
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  3. In your feed it says messages right next to it how dose that work

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      Hey Russell. If you are "gold" you can private message other anglers who are"gold"
  4. Two very old fly poles i got from my uncle the one on the right is a diawa but i don't no what the left one is

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      really cool I have a reel very similar to those are they atomatic
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  5. I have ben wondering how well they work i havent had iny luck have you?

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      I'm the same way Haven't had much luck with umbrella rigs I think it may be there action or the presentation what ever it is they defiantly like anything ...more else I can throw more than the umbrella
  6. Is any one in havasu


Hi I am Garrett I have Ben fishing since I was 5 years old but still love to fish no matter what