1. Details: Other Freshwater with a slender pointer 128

    The fish weren't too active but...😜

    1. runninmedic 0
      Lol Tank! I did throw him back! I was fishin', not frog giggin'! 😜
    2. lance Tanskanen 0
      Man I would have thrown him back out and used it for bait
    3. runninmedic 0
      Lololol. Have y'all ever tried to unhook a frog from a treble hook??? Holy cow that was tough to do!! Lol
    4. Nate Rozek 0
      Talk about bad luck!
    5. colin harvey 0
      Nothing can resist a lucky craft
    6. greatness627 0
      If that frog could only talk!!! I'm sure he'd say, this has got to be the most humiliating moment in my life!! Lol!!!!!!
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