1. finally got some fishing in after about three months catch of the day last night!

    Red (redfish) Drum with a cut bait

  2. I got a brand new Castaway skeleton series rod 7 ft medium action asking 150. in stores there 169.99 plus tax.

    1. tristan delaney 0
      I have the 6'5" med light and I love it.
  3. Details: Black Drum with a shad

    big ugly!

    1. richardchapa 0
      dam that's crazy @izzy44 thanks man
    2. richardchapa 0
      yes sir@ralphyc06
    3. richardchapa 0
      thanks @reelin_em_n
    4. izzy44 0
      we were fishing down stream from you ......word came down of a black drum getting caught ..lol nice catch bro !!!!
    5. ralphyc06 0
      Pretty ugly lol
    6. reelin_em_n 0
      Nice fish man!!
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  4. a lil some.

    Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a D.O.A

    1. bgelske 0
      Nice haul
    2. richardchapa 0
      should be would be the best bet @ThatOneFisher
    3. ThatOneFisher 0
      Awesome is live mullet working?
    4. richardchapa 0
      yes but not as much @ThatOneFisher
    5. ThatOneFisher 0
      Thanks! Are the flounder still being caught over there?
    6. richardchapa 0
      yup @ThatOneFisher
    7. ThatOneFisher 0
    8. Andrew Alonzo 0
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  5. buddy and I did a lil fishing tonight was hoping for more trout but take what I can get flounder were all 16 inches trout 18 inches. trout was caught off live shrimp ...more free lining it!

    Gulf Flounder with a gulp!

    1. robz713 0
      Lord leave some for me 😢👍👍👍
  6. almost a 3 man limit with a couple friends...almost thought we were goona get skunked but we stuck it out another hour and caught these!

    Gulf Flounder with a gulp!

    1. Tyrone Smith 0
    2. ralphyc06 0
      @richardchapa fo sho bro I'm up for it I'm actually off that day where were you gonna fish
    3. richardchapa 0
      I prob go out saturday if you wanna roll@ralphyc06
    4. ralphyc06 0
      @richardchapa niiccee good stuff I don't when I'm going fishing but I'm definitely going to try some live
    5. richardchapa 0
      Yeah we caught a couple of live mullet.@ralphyc06
    6. ralphyc06 0
    7. ralphyc06 0
      @richardchapa nice bro did yall happen to catch any in live
    8. richardchapa 0
      close to noon@ThatOneFisher
    9. ThatOneFisher 0
      Awesome! What time did you get these??
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  7. only fish of the day but I'll take it. tandem rig gulp at the end and live mullet in front sucker ate both gulp and mullet had em hooked good.

    Gulf Flounder with a gulp/mullet

    1. richardchapa 0
      yes sir @teachbabyjay2fish
    2. teachbabyjay2fish 0
      That's a nice one, out at seawolf again bro ?
    3. richardchapa 0
    4. Andrew Alonzo 0
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  8. nothing to brag about but still a good day to be fishing 16 and 17 inches.

    Gulf Flounder with a gulp

    1. pdogharrington 0
      What rod and reel combo is that
    2. richardchapa 0
      thanks man @ReelFishnTx
    3. ReelFishnTx 0
      Very nice catch! @richardchapa
    4. richardchapa 0
      thanks@MulletHead nope not as strong but there still around.
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Beautes. Run still going strong
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  9. 19 and a 18. slow day.

    Gulf Flounder with a mullet

    1. ThatOneFisher 0
      Live mullet on a Carolina rig @fishallday
    2. texasfishingkid kid 0
      Can you give me some tips on catching flounder
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  10. Details: Gulf Flounder with a finger mullet

    caught about 10 total kept these two big girls.

    1. Mario Diaz 0
      You know Scott would want one lol
    2. ralphyc06 0
      @richardchapa nicely done bro
    3. richardchapa 0
      20 and 19.@ralphyc06
    4. ralphyc06 0
      How big were those two fatties
    5. ralphyc06 0
      @richardchapa they getting bigger bro lol
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just fishing!