1. Hey I'm currently grounded and my dad says if I sell 50 shirts by Christmas I'm off the hook.So how about helping a fellow angler out and get me fishing ...more again. The shirts are 10$ including shipping.

    1. reddogflies 0
      Hey @saltlife32 just email me at wattsones@gmail.com we can talk there
    2. nathaniel jones 0
      I want 1
    3. james baylie 0
      OK I will thanks
    4. reddogflies 0
    5. reddogflies 0
      Hey! Just shoot me an email wattsones@gmail.com thank you!
    6. james baylie 0
      how would I buy one?
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a swimbait

    This swimbait is awsome! I caught lots of great fish on it today. I highly recommend it to anybody. H2O Xpress™ 4" Multi-jointed Sunfish Swimbait plus it ...more is only 5$. I threw it as close as I could

    1. austins29 0
    2. reddogflies 0
      Ya they are awsome, this is the first time I've fished with it. @claysully
    3. claysully 0
      I love those lures
    4. reddogflies 0
      To the weed line, and she nailed it! It was cloudy with overcast. Me and @dsones caught lots of great fish today.
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a zoom super swimming fluke, Red Watermelon

    Cloudy and over cast. I threw the fluke on her bed and flicked it for a wile before it made her mad enough that she slurped it up. Lews speed spool with 12lb test ...more floro on a 7ft Abu Garcia vendetta.

    1. reddogflies 0
      No man it's not for sale. That's to low of a price anyways. @blu3fish15
    2. John Durish 0
    3. John Durish 0
      I'll give you 135 for the combo
    4. reddogflies 0
      It would've been 200$ for the rod and reel but I won the rod in a tournament. @blu3fish15
    5. John Durish 0
      @reddogflies how much for the combo
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  4. Details: Redbreast Sunfish with a popper fly

    Caught at Reimers ranch. Water was really clear with low levels but still had good flow. This guy smashed it when I threw near a tree stump. We caught a bunch of ...more Guadalupe bass and one full of eggs.

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a car

    My first car a 1989 fj62 land cruiser. She can take me were ever I want on and offroad. The 4 wheel drive is insane on this car!

    1. reddogflies 0
      Thanks you too! The fj is awesome too!
    2. Jonathan Smith 0
      I'd love to. Currently driving a Trd FJ...just hit 100k. Best of luck with yours.
    3. reddogflies 0
      @jas_atx I've heard that from a couple of people. Maybe someday you will find another one! :)
    4. Jonathan Smith 0
      Man....hurts to see this. I had the same year/color. Really wish I would've kept it.
    5. reddogflies 0
      Thank you @bassinboy01 @AllWaterLife
    6. reddogflies 0
      No it's a fj62 so it's a automatic
    7. AllWaterLife 0
      Land cruiser?! That is sweet. Is it standard?
    8. Jacob Breaux 0
      Very nice! Congrats man!
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a strike king swimming jig 3/8 oz (sexy shad)-hack attack strike king flipping/casting jig 1/2 oz (alabama craw)-h2o express jointed shad (sexy ...more shad)-booyah counter strike 1/2 once spinnerbait (sexy shad)

    Had some gift cards to academy so I added some thing that I needed I plan on hitting up lake travis this weekend (either there or town lake) which one should I go ...more to and what should I though?

    1. reddogflies 0
    2. reddogflies 0
      Ok thank you I will give it a try!
    3. Chuck LaBruna 0
      The tandem spinnerbait is your search lure. When you locate a good school, try the swimbait and swim-jig to see what they realy want. If the bite is slow, go to ...more the jig and craw. Just my 2 cents. 😉
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a whooly bugger

    Bass I caught a couple of days ago. Red dog flies is open for fly orders I can tie just about anything you want if it is not on my website. Just message me and I ...more will see if I can make it. Also if you

    1. reddogflies 0
    2. Marcus Hernandez 0
      what's your email? I would love to help you expand?
    3. reddogflies 0
      Don't like the price I can arrange to see if I can make a deal. Also message me about sponsorships if you are interested in helping me expand my business!
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  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a prince nymph

    I went down to Castell Texas to catch some rainbows. It was overcast all day but we had realy good water clarity could see the bottom every where. I caught around ...more 15 of these guys the largest was 13in

    1. reddogflies 0
      Ya reddogflys@yahoo.com
    2. RyanEllis 0
      Do you have a buisness email? @reddogflies
    3. RiverBoyPat 0
      I love fishing on the lano
    4. reddogflies 0
      Oh next time I am there I will try it! @dillonjuarez
    5. dillon juarez 0
      I talked to fly fishing guide in that area he said big streamers catch really big trout there @reddogflies
    6. reddogflies 0
      Some good food and lots of feisty stocked rainbows on the llano!
    7. reddogflies 0
      All but one was caught on the prince nymph. I had a 8ft leader and split shot 15 in above the fly with a strike indicator about 3 feet up the line. They are awesome ...more to catch!head out to castell for
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  9. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a fly

    Hey I was wondering if any body would be interested in this fly I made the pattern up it is a dry fly made to look like a grass hopper or other large insect comment ...more if you would think it would be a

    1. reddogflies 0
      No problem
    2. Colby Teall 0
      Ok thanks
    3. reddogflies 0
      Hey @colby12 my website is called reddogflies.com
    4. Colby Teall 0
      What's ur website called?
    5. RyanEllis 0
      On Instagram, tell it about it to my friends, also put you guys on my fishing youtube channel before every video? Private message me for more stuff. Thanks! @reddogflies
    6. RyanEllis 0
      Nice! I I was wondering are you guys sponsoring anyone. I could help advertise your company
    7. MusicCityBass 0
      Ok thanks
    8. reddogflies 0
      I will post a how too later. @FishAndChicks ok everyone likes it I will add it to my website! @rellis1 I have had a few.
    9. MusicCityBass 0
      @reddogflies how did you make it because i want to make one so bad...is it just like a parachute adams with legs
    10. dillon juarez 0
      I don't remember the name of the bug they skate across the surface of ponds but they are killer for trout looks nice @reddogflies
    11. MusicCityBass 0
      Its kinda like a parachute adams with legs so i dont see why not
    12. RyanEllis 0
      Have you had any sells yet? @reddogflies
    13. catfishKING97 0
      Looks great
    14. reddogflies 0
      Good addition to my website
    15. reddogflies 0
      Addition to my website
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a whooly bugger

    I wish it was still summer so I could go and wade again! This is my PB bass on the fly. I caught this last summer we had seen her swimming around for a few weeks ...more and I finally landed her!

    1. reddogflies 0
    2. eastonsutley 0
      Already read it congrats!
    3. reddogflies 0
      Go to www.reddogflies.com for the full story on the blog!
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